Walmart Juneteenth Ice Cream (May-2022) Know The Updated Details!

Walmart Juneteenth Ice Cream

What’s the recent controversy about Walmart Juneteenth ice cream? Follow the article to find out the truth and keep in touch with us.

are you an ice cream lover Do you love Walmart ice cream? The government has declared June 16 a holiday to celebrate independence and freedom, and the people of the United States and Canada love to celebrate the day.

But after introducing the new ice cream, Walmart faced some controversy and withdrew the ice cream. Continue reading the article on Walmart’s ice cream controversy on June 16 to learn why Walmart is poised to phase out ice cream.

What’s the controversy?

To commemorate June 16th, Walmart launched its new ice cream cone made with cheesecake and red velvet flavors. Speaking on FOX TV channels, the company said it received a lot of negative feedback from customers after the launch of its new ice cream. They also apologized for this and promised to remove the article.

Recently, photos of Walmart ice cream went viral on social media. The sundae featured a label that said the ice cream is to celebrate and share emancipation, African-American culture, and enduring hope. It was the festival edition.

However, consumers made allegations against Juneteenth Ice Cream Great Value, telling the company that it was wrong to make money by taking advantage of such opportunities. The retailer is facing increasing criticism for trying to make more profit on an opportunity like this, which evokes memories of black people’s difficult journey to liberation from slavery.

What is June 16?

To commemorate June 19, 1865, the day was referred to as June 16. It was a day when Union soldiers spread the word that the enslaved blacks of Galveston, Texas, were now free from slavery following the Confederacy’s surrender. The Emancipation Proclamation finally freed enslaved people in the southern states after two and a half years.

BRIDGE’s reaction to Walmart Juneteenth Ice Cream:

June 16th is a serious day and brings back a very dark memory. Building Resources in Diversity Growth of Employees (BRIDGE) said in a letter that it wasn’t fun to use such a great day to turn a profit for your company. BRIDGE also mentioned whether the company would be launching ice cream on January 27 to commemorate the Holocaust or to commemorate the memories of the April 7 Rwandan genocide. You definitely won’t start. Why did they choose Juneteenth to launch their new ice cream?

After talking about Juneteenth Ice Cream Great Value, let’s see when Juneteenth is considered a holiday:
President Joe Biden passed legislation last year making June 16 National Independence Day. The government celebrated the holiday on Friday because June 19, 2021 fell on a Saturday. Nine states have recognized June 16 as an official paid holiday.

Is there any other ice cream that Walmart would like to release on a special day?
Yes, to also celebrate Pride Month in June, Walmart is launching its new celebration edition. This ice cream consists of white chocolate ice cream flavored with cherries and brownies.

In summary:

After the Walmart Juneteenth Ice Cream controversy, they will be recalling their ice cream soon. It was a mistake to use such a solemn occasion for profit. Click the link below for an in-depth look at Juneteenth–.

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