Heat Roster Wordle (May 2022) Find The Correct Answer Here!

Heat Roster Wordle

This news article shares information about Heat Roster Wordle and all related information about the game.

Are you a puzzle lover and crazy fan of Wordle game? If you know Wordle, you might also have your eye on all the other puzzle games that are similar to Wordle. Heat roster is one of those concepts related to the Pöltl game.

All of you may have known that there is a Pöltl game that offers puzzle games for NBA players. Hence, people from different countries like Australia, United States and Canada want to know more about Heat Roster. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss the Wordle Heat Roster.

What is heat list in Wordle game?

Hawk Roster is the answer to Poeltl’s puzzle game about NBA players. Although it is similar to Wordle’s game, people have to find the difference that Poeltl provides the names of NBA players and people have to guess the name from the clues.

The answer to Poeltl’s riddle was the Hawk Roster, which people are looking for as the Heat Roster, but the answer is the Hawk Roster. We hope you understood the difference between these terms and the correct answer.

There is nothing like Heat Roster Game but Hawk Roster is the answer to Poeltl Puzzle and so people get confused between Heat Roster and Hawk Roster but the real answer is Hawk Roster who is a player of NBL.

He belongs to the Atlanta Hawks and was an opponent of the Miami Heat; Therefore, people are confused with the heat and the hawks. Several clues were given to players to guess the name of the Hawk Roster and those who already knew about the Hawk would have found it easy to crack.

Tips for guessing the name in Heat Roster Game

There were a few clues in Poeltl’s game, including that the player is from the Atlanta Hawks and that he played against the Miami Heat. The player’s height is also reported as 6ft 9in and due to his nationality he is from USA.

There were these clues that people had to use to figure out the real name of the player. Hopefully you are now clear on the answer and how the heat roster and hawk roster name confusion came about in the Poeltl puzzle to decipher the names of the NBA players.

Tips and tricks to get Heat Roster Wordle?

Some pro tips include understanding the clues correctly and then guessing the name. Getting the clues right is very important to make naming easier for players.

There are limited trials, so choose the name wisely. In addition, you can learn more about it at this link.


Poeltl’s puzzle game is similar to Wordle’s game that asks for the names of NBA players and has people guess the name. There was confusion about the Heat Roster Wordle.

Therefore, the correct answer is Hawk Roster in the game. What is your favorite player in the NBA game? You can mention the name in the comment section below.

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