Tristyn Bailey Autopsy Report – What Did Fucci’s Friends

Tristyn Bailey Autopsy Report

Who is Tristan Bailey?

Tristan Bailey is one of Stacey and Forrest Bailey’s five children. She lives in Durban Crossroads, St. She lives in Jones County and is a student and cheerleader at Patriot Oaks Academy.
‘My Sweet Girl’: Tristan Bailey remembers her as ‘someone who brought life to those around her’.
The Tristan Bailey Case: How a Grieving Community Helps a Grieving Family
“Tristan Billy is cool!” Aidan Fauci eventually finds out and Bailey 7 tells Tristan to remember what he did.

Who is Aidan Fauci?

Aidan Sean Fauci, who was 14 at the time of the murder, lives with Billy, who works with Patriot Ormes. Fauci’s friends and other sources told investigators that Fauci often talked about killing people and planned to stab people by taking them randomly into the woods. According to 7th District Attorney R. Larissa Fauci, children under 18 do not have criminal records.
Murder of the Night: Witnesses to the murder of Tristan Bailey say Aidan Fussey spoke of stabbing people.

How did Tristan Bailey die?

Police say a friend asked for Billy’s phone number the night Fauci died. He took her to meet a friend and the home video shows them walking east with Fuzzy and Bailey Saddleston before the body was found on the beach…minute 1 hour 45. Later the same video appears blurry . shoe.

What did Aidan Fauci say the night Tristan Bailey died?

In Fauci’s arrest report, Fauci admitted to staying with Bailey at a friend’s house and leaving with Bailey at 1:10 a.m. on May 9, 2021. He said he walked to his house in Castledale. in court around 3:30 p.m.

What is the lawsuit against Aidan Fauci?

Fauci accused of killing cats. He was later charged by a 7th Circuit judge with murder. Fauci was charged as an adult.

Did Aidan Fauci post a selfie on Snapchat?

Well, while looking for the missing bill, investigators found a Snapchat message from Al-Fas, who was sitting in the back of a police cruiser with a peace sign. Text: “Tristan, don’t stare too long. Response: ‘You’re with Aidan, so you know what’s going on with him.’

What is Mr. Fauci’s evidence?

The invisible blade stacked next to Bill’s body was removed from Bill’s head and turned fuchsia. Surveillance and DNA testing. Bloody shoes and clothes in the bedroom, blood and mud in the bathroom, wet jeans in the laundry basket. An empty knife case and notes suggesting abuse were found in the cell. Other evidence in the case includes cellphone and email logs, Snapchat accounts, phone calls and text messages from prison, as well as conversations with friends, family members, teachers and other inmates.
The Eden Fauci Trial: At stake. The issue of the Jones County Massacre

What are Fauci’s colleagues saying about him?

In an interview with detectives, Fauci’s girlfriend said he often carried a knife and talked about killing multiple people, including himself. I saw him slit his throat when he came out the back. But he and other friends say they don’t take it too seriously. He was angry and heard a voice in his head. He told the court he was taking antidepressants.

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