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Haresatinbuy US Reviews {June} Is This Website Legit Or A Scam?

Haresatinbuy US Reviews

Please see this post on Haresatinbuy USA Unbiased Reviews for information on online shopping store prices.

Do you like playing online? Looking for the latest online gaming consoles? Haresatinbuy.us claims to be the best online e-commerce site when it comes to selling online gaming machines.

This website is registered in the United States and claims to sell various game consoles to customers in Canada, Mexico, India, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica and worldwide. The store claims to have the latest gaming consoles and accessories at reasonable prices.

The website appears to be another game console store, and reluctant customers prefer not to shop without reading Haresatinbuy USA reviews.

What is Haresatinbuy USA?

Haresatinbuy US is a new online store that claims to specialize in game consoles, from PlayStation to Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Xbox. The store is also offering up to 50% off gaming machines and accessories during the Black Friday sale.

The product is brand new and claims to be the latest gaming engine available at a discounted price. In addition, products include descriptions to help consumers make informed purchasing decisions.

Despite all these benefits and discounts, many customers in the US, UK, Guatemala, Kuwait and around the world are having a hard time trusting the new website and are curious about the HaresatinBuy Us Legit or Scam profile.

Content of this website

Website link – https://www.haresatinbuy.us/
Accessories: Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and accessories
Email ID – service@nicegamelive.shop
Phone number – (352) 800-9194
Store address – 630 Nagle Rd. Erie, Pennsylvania 16511 United States
Payment methods: PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, JCB and American Express

Domain age – Nine days if the domain name on the website is registered on November 11, 2021

About Shipping – Items are processed within 3-7 days and standard shipping takes 15-30 days. There is no shipping fee for orders.
Returns and Returns: The store claims to offer a 30 day grace period to replace defective items and return them for repair. Buyers may return and request a refund within 14 days of purchase, taking Haresatinbuy USA reviews into account.
Social media: logo is there but not working
Owner details – Not available

Buy Haresatin from Pro USA

This shop sells a wide variety of game machines and accessories.
50% discount on all orders during Black Friday sale
Products have implications
Returns and refunds available
PayPal and credit card payments accepted
This site has good reviews and 5 star reviews.

Haresatin USA Weaknesses

There is negative information on the Internet
Unbelievable price
Social media links not working
They don’t know about the owner
The email ID has a different domain than the website domain.

Is HaresatinBuy Us legal or a scam?

The legality of the purchase method allows you to decide whether it is worth buying. So, before you jump into an auction, be sure to check the legality of it. For example, regarding Haresatinbuy Us, we found the portal suspicious and misleading for the following reasons:

Haresatinbuy Us is a website that was just launched two days ago, on November 11, 2021. With nine days remaining, consumer portals are reluctant to shop.
The domain name is valid until November 11, 2022.
The website trust score is only 1%, creating doubts in the minds of customers.
Now, at a glance, the Returns & Exchange Policy tab is gone from its original website.

Haresatinbuy USA review does not support the portal. There are many reviews and references on review portals and video reviews claiming that the portal is fake.

The shop address looks fake because it is a family residence and not a place of business.
No proprietary information and social media links on the home page are invalid and fake.
The average trust rating of a website is 58.5/100.
These are the things that make websites suspicious and deceptive, so they should be purchased with caution.

What do customers say?

We have seen online on this site that the site has received positive reviews and a 5 star rating under the product, but these reviews and feedback are not reliable.

We searched the virtual portal and found a number of online video reviews with reviews of Harestinbuy US and opinions from various people. According to the comments, the website appears suspicious and a possible scam.

One user wrote on one of the evaluation portals that all their contact information is fake and here you need to be careful and avoid scams. While reviewing the video, another user wrote that he lost $ 400 here, so don’t fool anyone. Therefore, it also answers the question: is haresatinbuy legal?

There are no opinions or comments to support the e-commerce site, so we are unable to confirm its legitimacy at this time. Therefore, consumers will have to wait for an update on their legality to arrive. Currently, the site looks like a scam and trading is very risky.

We also encourage consumers to be aware of various scams and learn how to report PayPal scams.

Conclusion criteria

Harestinbuy Us is an e-commerce site that claims to sell the latest gaming consoles from various brands. However, the business does not attract consumers worldwide, and there are no Harestinbuy ratings in the U.S. to support the site’s claims. We also received various negative comments from users of the evaluation portal.

Therefore, we recommend that you do not fall victim to such worthless claims and learn our tips for detecting and reporting credit card fraud.

Have you ordered from a game console store? So feel free to share your views in the comments section. You can read more about the online reliability of the site here.

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