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Salty Crush Reviews {August 2022} Check The Details Here!

Salty Crush Reviews

This Salty Crush Reviews article will give you all the information about the customer and their products to know its authenticity. Follow our blog for more information.

Looking for new arrivals in the boutique? Want to find your favorite dresses online? This is the place where you can find the perfect clothes for you. The site has a collection of notable newcomers.

This website is registered in Australia. In today’s Salty Fist Reviews post, we take a look at the different eras on this site and try to identify the best ones from this site. Follow the blog below.

What is Saltycrush.com?

This is a clothing store. It has the best collection of modern women’s clothing. OK. The designs are beautiful and available in all sizes. The quality of each garment is attractive. . However, since this is an online shopping portal, you need to know if Salty Crush is legit or a scam portal.

Features on Saltycrush.com:

Website URL: Saltycrush.com
Date of creation of the portal: The date of creation of the portal is July 7, 2016.
Page Expiration Date: Page Expires July 7, 2030.
Email: info@saltycrush.com
Office Address: There is no information about the office location on the website.
Delivery Time: Ships 1-3 days after order is placed.

Standard Delivery: 3-5 days for standard delivery based on Salty Crush reviews.
Phone Number: There is no phone number details on the website.
Producer’s Note: Created by Madely and Michelle.
Website: Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram icons appear on the website.

Return Period: We offer a 21-day return service.

Payment methods: Google Pay, Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, etc.

Benefits of Saltycrush.com:

Named after the web designer.
We have several payment options for your convenience.

Cons of Saltycrush.com:

He did not share a phone number for customer service.

Is salt crushing legit or a scam?

The site offers the best wedding dresses in different sizes, but it is about this site, so it is important to evaluate its reliability. The following points will help you evaluate the reliability of the attachment.

Site Development: Site Development Date: November 7, 2016.
Trust Score: This website has an average trust score of around 60%.

Percentage of duplicates: 33% of the website was copied.

Discount: We offer 10% discount on your first order.
Email Validity: The website has a valid email address.
Website: According to Traditional Crush Reviews, the website includes logos for Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram.
Website Address: No website information available.

What to exchange: We do not accept exchange services for orders.
Returns: We do not cover shipping on customer returns.
Alexa Rank: This website’s Alexa Global Rank is #565685.
Cancellation Method: There are no order cancellation service details.
Timely response: We do not accept returns on orders.
Language page: There is a separate page for languages.

Salt Powder Description:

There are no customer reviews of their products on the company’s website. Also, the global Alexa rank of the website is #565685. The website has many social media icons. At the same time, they post tons of reviews on social media and websites. Customer preferences – Quick and easy ways to withdraw from PayPal


This site has the best information about internet marketing. Their products have a wide customer market. Web portals are a reliable standard. There are also numerous online reviews on the company’s website and various reviews on social media and websites such as Salty Crush Reviews. It is a convenient shopping platform where customers can buy from shopping portal.add. credit card chargeback

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