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FreeFlys Review – Legit or Scam? (All Details + Rating)

FreeFlys Review

Getting free stuff in the mail has a certain appeal. The thought of owning something without spending money gives me a headache.

If you still want to get free stuff, there’s a site called FreeFlys that claims you can get free samples and more if you become a member of the site.

This may sound suspicious, but I decided to do this FreeFlys review to see if the site is really legit or just a scam. After all, I don’t want to enter a site that doesn’t do what the package says. This is a waste of time.

This review will show you all the details you need to know about the site so you can decide if you really need to sign up. So let’s dive in.

What is FreeFlys and what does it offer?

FreeFlys is a website where you can get free samples, products and even offers. In fact, this is a legit website because all the offers they post are completely legit. So you get stuff that’s totally free.

It’s a little different from most of the sites I’ve reviewed, but let’s talk about the features it offers so you can get a feel for how the site works.

This is the possibility that FreeFlys offers.

Option 1 – Free sample

FreeFlys has two types of offers, the first being a free trial. If you don’t know it already, you can get a free one here.
What’s special about FreeFlys is that you don’t need to subscribe to get free samples. Just visit the website, go to the free templates page and search for the template you are interested in.

Then click on the offer and you will get details on how to claim your free sample. Usually you will be asked to fill out a form. You can also see where free trials are available.

The challenge may be finding the right link to click on FreeFlys among all the ads spanning the site😊. But if you want to use the site, you have to accept it. Because this is how we can make money and provide a lot of free sample information.

Most free samples have a limit on the number of people who can receive them. Fill out the form and we’ll email you if you qualify for the free trial. You will be notified even if this does not happen.

Option 2: discount offer

Another option offered by FreeFlys is discount offers. If you’ve ever been a member of a cashback site, this sounds very familiar. These savings offers are actually just refund offers from other sites.
To request a quote, simply click on the discount offer you are interested in. Generally, to take advantage of these offers, you need to register as a member of the site. Just follow the instructions to accept the offer.

Some offers do not include cashback. They only offer discounts. However, the idea remains the same. Save a some euros with this offer.

Option 3 – Profitable offer

Lastly, FreeFlys also doubles as a directory of websites with which to win extra cash. Most of the offers in this section come from survey websites and Get Paid To (GPT) websites.
So all of this is just pointing in the right direction. If you really think about it, that’s all FreeFlys does. We’ll point you in the right direction for sites to come together for free products, cashback prizes and extra cash.

If you click on an offer to earn in that section, you will only be asked to register on a site that offers you the opportunity to earn extra money. Once you go ahead and complete the registration, you can start earning with this .increase site.

However, I think the big problem with this section on FreeFlys is that it doesn’t provide detailed information to help you find the right opportunity. Mostly shallow information and promotional links you pay for.

how much money can you earn
Technically, you get nothing from this site. Instead, you get other websites referring you.

Now let’s talk about the common products that are usually available for free on this website. Most of these products fall into the beauty, nutrition, or health categories. The prices of these products range from $5 to $50.

In fact, this can save you a lot of free stuff. However, when it comes to money offers, many factors affect the income, which makes it more difficult to determine the exact amount of income. There is a possibility that

Your location and the time you spend on these sites mainly contribute to how much you can earn from these sites

Can I use it on mobile?

FreeFlys does not have a downloadable mobile app, but you can access the website from your mobile device. Just open your mobile web browser.

Their website is mobile friendly, making it easy to navigate the site. And you don’t have to zoom just to read the content.

However, as we mentioned before, the site has a lot of ads, which I find even more annoying on mobile devices.

But as you know, first come, first served, so using your cell phone can be very helpful. The fact that you can access these offers without sitting in front of your computer can greatly increase your chances of coming in first, and therefore your chances of winning. . .

Who can participate in FreeFlys?

As I said before, you don’t have to sign up for FreeFlys. Instead, sign up for the sites they link to. Offers are not always available worldwide. In fact, mostly products are only available in the US.

It is rare to find free samples in the world. I’m not saying there won’t be free trials for people who don’t live in the US, I’m saying there will be more free trials for people in the US.

Can you help me?

If you have any questions about how the website works, please see our FAQ page. This page covers most of the basic topics you need to know. However, for issues specific to the referenced site, you should use the site’s dedicated support page.

If you have any questions about FreeFlys, please use the contact form on our website. Overall, I think the site has a decent support system as the support team is easy to contact.

final verdict

FreeFlys is a legitimate free sample directory that tells you where to get free samples, where to get money back, and where to make more money.

It has some great features, but it’s also a pretty limited site. We will end this review with a summary of pros and cons to give you a general idea of ​​what the site has to offer. It’s up to you if it really suits you.

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