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Softsfeel Reviews {August} Is This Website A Scam Or Legit?

Softsfeel Reviews

This guide shares information on the Softsfeel website and reviews to help online shoppers make the right decision.

Looking for designer shoes? Want to see designer fashion jewelry and accessories? The store offers trendy running shoes for women and colorful travel shoes for men.

The store has a range of clothing and jewelery for men and women. It also has a size guide that makes shopping easier. The store is aimed at modern American shoppers. However, you should not order any product without checking the online reviews of Softfeel.

What is a slow heart?

Softsfeel is an online store where you can find the latest designer collections, sweaters and jewelry. The store offers a variety of running and hiking shoes for men and women, including designer shoes in a variety of colors.

The store specializes in high-quality running and hiking shoes to relieve sore feet. The store also sells cold and pain relief clothing and has a size guide for new customers that makes shopping easy and convenient. EE.UU for customers in the country. But to know if Softsfeel is legit or a scam, check customer reviews online.


Website – https://softsfeel.com/ electronic.
Accessories – Walking and running shoes, breathable shoes for men and women
Payment methods – PayPal and payment card
The emails are service@charmshiny.com and softsfeel@outlook.com.
Phone number – none
Store address – 253 Rue Saint Honore, 75001 Paris France
Email Notification – Sign up for special offers

Domain registration – 3 months 17 days made on May 5, 2022

Shipping Information – All orders take 3-7 days to process and 14 days to ship up to 1 month. Orders are shipped via airmail at the standard shipping rate of $9.99. Free shipping on orders over $99.99.
Returns and Refunds – Orders can be returned within 14 days of sending Softsfeel reviews. Products can be returned in the same condition for a refund. Customers do not have to pay a fee for returned orders.

Social Media Links – Social media logos are present but not functional.

Volleyball sessions

Unique designer suits and jewelery for men and women
Running and jogging shoes for pain relief
Shoes with conditioner
Discounts and promotional offers
Repair And Repair

Feel the damage easily

Phone number not available
Bad news on the site
It does not work on social media platforms

Is Softsfeel legit or a scam?

You should carefully check online stores before making a purchase, as there are many scams. Therefore, before you go to Softsfeel and start shopping, you should check whether it is a legitimate site or a scam.

The website domain was registered three months ago, in May 2022. It has only been registered for one year. The domain name registration will end on May 5, 2023.
The website provided a low trust index. It received a trust rating of 2% and a confidence rating of 27.3%. Do your research before buying from the store as there are negative reviews.

We could not find any reviews of Softfeel online, there is no customer rating section on the website.

There is no phone number on this website and the shared address is for some questionable portals.
The property is owned and operated by Zhifu.

The store is not active on social media and does not have an active page on social media platforms.
Due to these factors, this website may not be considered legitimate. Therefore, we encourage all readers to carefully review and research the site before making an informed selling decision.

What are the customer ratings?

We couldn’t find any comments or reviews online. The site also lacks a customer review section. So you won’t see Softsfeel reviews either online or on the official website. The store has no social media presence, so you won’t find comments or user reviews online.

Important information and customer reviews are missing from the store, so it is impossible to confirm legitimacy at this stage. We encourage online readers to research and rate the site before purchasing to avoid unnecessary scams. Be sure to read our handy guide to spotting credit card fraud.


Softsfeel is an online store that sells a variety of walking shoes. But there are no Softsfeel reviews to confirm the legitimacy of the site. therefore, online shoppers need to do more research to make a smart purchase decision. Online shoppers should carefully evaluate the site before making a purchase to avoid fraud. Additionally, they should also read a helpful guide on how to spot PayPal fraud.

Have you ordered products from the store? Please share your experiences in the comments section.

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