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Mycomfortlife Reviews {Aug} Check The Details Here!

Mycomfortlife Reviews

This article describes the MyComfortLife certification and lists the different levels to check its reliability.

Online shopping is exciting because it provides a platform for customers to buy products from home or office and offers various discount offers. However, it is important that you are safe and sound before using the Service.

One such website we are currently working on is My Comfort Life, popular in the US. and England. Read our MyComfortLife review and find out if it’s real or fake.

City view

MyComfortLife is an e-commerce site that offers a variety of products. Research shows that the site offers a wide variety of products including automotive accessories, jewelry, cosmetics, kitchen and bathroom accessories. The Valentine’s Day sale is 48% off and items are sold in Indian Rupees rather than dollars.

These products are very interesting to buy because of the many options available. We have checked the numbers of other websites as described below.

MyComfort Life Specifications

Website – https://www.my Comfortlife.com/
Product Range – Car Accessories, Cleaning Products, Beauty Products, Toilet & Bath Products, etc.
Phone – +1 8594200359
Email ID – support@my Comfortlife.com
There is no information.
Contact Address – 1st Flr, Beaconsfield Msam40 Junction 2, Windsor Drive, England, HP9 2SE
Return Policy – 14 days from purchase
Shipping Policy – Availability.
Privacy Policy – Impossible.

MyComfortLife review details

Payment Methods – PayPal, Amex, MasterCard, Discover, Credit Card, American Express
Shipping – not included
The delivery date has not been disclosed

MyComfortLife can help

You have a valid HTTPS connection.
Simple and beautiful UI design.

The dangers of my comfortable life

Two different names are mentioned.
The company is called Landbase Trading Co. in one place. Ltd, in other countries under the name Ansky Company Limited.
No internet connection.
The site claims to have more than 300 products, but only a few are listed.
The amount and details of the transfer were not disclosed.

Is MyComfortLife Legal?

All websites must meet certain reliability standards. Therefore, we decided to investigate and introduce some parameters so that our readers can understand the usefulness of the site. All these.

Social media – not related to social media
Customer Reviews – We don’t have online reviews, but they are included in every product listing on our website.
Content – Low quality content.
Owner Information – No Owner Information
Rules – the rules are not clear.
Confidence – 8%, Low confidence
Address – The address is incorrect.
Domain Year – Expires October 30, 2021.
Confidence score – 14.9

My Comforlife Review – Customer Ratings

Reviews are important to describe the experiences and opinions of customers about products/services or websites. This helps others determine if the site is legitimate, the service is legitimate, or if you’ve been scammed.

So, we decided to ask your opinion. There are no customer reviews online, but I checked the product online as well, but the product rating is 5 stars. However, there is no reason to confirm its authenticity.

Based on my experience and the conditions of my Comfortlife, I can confirm that this site is a scam and not legitimate. In addition, users are encouraged to do their own research before using the Service. Have you been scammed with your credit card? Then, always read our credit card payment tips.

The final result

The website has an 8% confidence level and the server will be updated on January 30, 2021. The website gives each product 5 stars, but there are no guarantees. This is the truth.

Therefore, due to limitations, wrong directions and unclear answers to your questions, we think this website is a scam and illegal. . Have you been scammed by PayPal? So keep reading for tips and backup options.

Have you ever shopped on this site? Then share your experiences and thoughts in the comment section

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