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Lucktastic Review – Read Customer Reviews!

Lucktastic Review

Welcome to our happy classroom!

I came across Luktastic while looking for ways to make money online in 2018.

The site claims that Luctastic offers unlimited chances to win $10,000 worth of free cards.

Can you really make money with lyuktastic? Is this a scam or legit program?

Read on as we reveal all the important things you need to know before playing!


What is lactate?

Lutastic is a mobile app that allows US residents to play free lottery tickets with prizes up to $10,000.

Unfortunately, if you do not live in the US, you will not be able to claim your bonus.

That’s why there are so many scratch games like Scratch Royale and Scratch Day in the world.

Both prizes are awarded to participants from all over the world.

In addition to the daily contests, Lutastic offers coupons for gift purchases at over 30 retailers including Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks and more!


Is Lootastic a Scam?

I have no proof that Lutastic is a scam or legit service.

However, many users are not satisfied with the online software and cannot exchange tokens for real money.

If you go to the BBB (Better Business Bureau) website and search for Jump Ramp Games Inc, the company has an F rating.

There are a total of 52 complaints on this page, most of which have not been answered by the company.


Good and bad grades

it is good
100% Free – No in-app purchases.
Luktastic is available for Android and iOS devices.
Play your cards.
This is not good
The chances of winning are very low.
Lookastic doesn’t show a chance of winning.
It will take a few months for you to earn enough points to start collecting.
Many consumers reported that they could not get their money back due to various reasons.
Too many ads.
If your account is inactive for 30 days or more, you will be charged $1 per month. If your account balance is zero, you could lose your account permanently.

how it is used

Lutastic offers free card sweepstakes games to play and win prizes every day.

The program charges advertisers to reward players.

In poker, video ads appear after 3-4 games, which is very beneficial for your business.

Do you pay for robbery?
After reading many user reviews on Google Play and BBB, I was surprised that many people had problems with checkout.

As you know, it is difficult to compete for three goals that is why people rely on using gift card codes.

However, there are many obstacles to funding.

Many people say they don’t have tokens when trying to redeem their gift cards.

Other users $3.50 – $4.50. It doesn’t matter how many American cards you play. So you will never reach the minimum deposit of $5.

Now that my users have finally made enough money to get a $100 Amazon gift card, I need to create a set of affiliate services. Gift cards cannot be activated even after downloading these apps.

Check out the BBB website which makes similar claims.

In other words, there is no guarantee that you will get your notes back as you are not entitled to them.

It also includes most of the features available on Android and iOS devices.

This is why most of these apps generate so many complaints on a daily basis!

I think Google will finally start cracking down on underperforming apps.


One last thought

We do not recommend playing lyuktastic.

The truth is that it is very difficult to combine all three goals and get good results even if the program is legitimate.

Participants do not know the difference between wins and cannot deduct points.

If you decide to play Luktastic, have no hope because the software will not work in your favor.

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