Swipe to Blast App Review – Is It A Legit Website Or Not?

Swipe to Blast App Review

Welcome to Blast to rate the app!

Hundreds of thousands of people have already played Sweep or Blast to win $200 with PayPal or Amazon gift cards.

I get a lot of messages every day from people who don’t make money playing similar games.

Game developers love users who have the opportunity to earn real money to increase their income. After all, when there are big prizes to be won, people click more and watch more videos.

I’m here to warn you not to waste your time running another business today. Is the lottery a scam? Is it worth it? Check out my review to see the magic!


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So when a Swipe Blast ad is thrown in your face, you’re playing a different game!

Before you see a woman, she laughs at the fact that she can make real money.

Then, at the top of the screen, you’ll see a simulation of raising hundreds of dollars quickly. The PayPal logo is attractively misused.

If you’ve ever played free games on your phone, you’re probably familiar with their marketing tactics. don’t kid yourself


how do you get that

Let’s Blast is another card game that uses virtual PayPal cards.

However, as with 99% of “cash” programs, you don’t take any money until you receive a deposit. The minimum bid for Breakout is $200.

More than 500,000 users have installed this app and it is of course at the top of the PlayStore.

In other words, Android users don’t know if they’re getting paid for posting honest reviews.


How does the lottery work?

After installing the game from Google Play or App Store, click the Play button to get started. No signature or approval is required.

Returns only a minimum of 3 digits. So all the blocks are increased by the same number to make a bigger number.

When you reach the desired level, you will receive virtual rewards. You can get results by placing multiple blocks at once.

However, to register for an account, you need to click the “Add” button and watch the video.

Video is not always available. Too bad, because without video you can’t win. The funny thing is that when you open the gift you see an ad.

So they have video, but don’t want to collect virtual currency.

Remember you have 5 health (life). Each unlimited move costs 1 health. Instead, you get one health for each additional number.

Is it wrong or is it worth it?

Blast to Swipe is not useful in my experience with hundreds of games. Cash incentives are strong enough to give seniors $200.

So it’s up to you to pick the smallest winner. But I would like to know how to decide who gets the prize.


Did you pick a winner? How many days or months do you earn? Of course not!


Go to Blast without spending points. In other words, there is no agreement between the developer and the user. So no promises!

Users say you can make money, but it’s hard to believe without proof and you can’t tell the difference between winning and losing!

Playing this way has two advantages. Do not offer virtual currencies or ignore payment requests.

it is broken? Well, I can’t blame the company on my blog without proof.

So I warn you. If you play this game to earn money, you will lose a lot of time.



Slide Blast is a great game to pass the time, but you don’t need any money. There isn’t a terms and conditions page yet, so don’t expect developers to share some of their budget with players.

Remember that $200 is a lot of money for business! it should be

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