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Stoney Clover Lane Store Reviews {Aug 2022} Is This A Scam Site?

Stoney Clover Lane Store Reviews

The Stony Clover Lane Store Reviews website article shares full product information to know its compatibility. Follow our blog for more information.

Looking for a unique designer bag? Want to buy the latest designer bags from online sites? If so, then this web portal is for you. Includes a large bag. The site is popular in the UK, US, Australia, Canada and Ireland.

Today’s article on Stony Clover Lane Store Reviews focuses on all the details about the web portal and its features.

What is stoneycloverlane.com?

This is an interesting site to buy. There is a brand new bag from a great designer that is really attractive. The web portal contains all types of bags and other accessories such as bags, waist bags, backpacks, carry-on bags, foldable bags, tote bags, hats, scarves and many more… The quality of the bags is very good and they are available in a wide variety of colors… The design of each bag is very attractive. But being an online site, customers are wondering if Stony Clover Lane Store is legit or fake web portal?

From Stoneycloverlane.com:

Website URL: stoneycloverlane.com
Start date page: The start date of the domain is 26/07/2009.
Expiration date page: Expiration date page is 26/07/2024.

Send your application by email to: support@stoneycloverlane.com

Office address: There is no exact address on the website. but the address of his shop was given in some places
Delivery time: Orders usually take 1-10 business days to be delivered.
Free Shipping: The website offers free shipping on orders over $100.

Standard Delivery: According to the Stony Clover Lane store description, there is no standard delivery information on the website.

Phone number details: No exact number is listed in the web portal. but shared several traders
Website Founders: Kendall and Libby are the founders of the web portal.
Social Platform Accounts: This site is available on Instagram.
Return Service: A 7-day return service is available on the order.
Payment options: Shop Pay, Amazon Pay and PayPal.

Benefits of Stoneycloverlane.com:

It lists his name as a web developer.
It is available on social media platforms.

Restrictions of Stoneycloverlane.com:

· Do not disclose your website address.

Is Stony Clover Lane Store Legitimate or a Fake Web Portal?

This site has a lot of trendy and trendy bags. But since it is an online site, the customer is ready to understand that it is legal. The following facts help determine legality:

Availability of the website: Start date of the domain is 26/07/2009.
Page Trust Score: Web portals have an average trust score of about 80%.

Duplicate Content Percentage: This page has a duplicate content percentage of 0%.

Discount Offered: Offers a 10% discount on a customer’s first order.
Email Verification: A valid email address was provided.
Social Media Logos: Based on Stony Clover Lane Store reviews, this site is available on Instagram.
Valid website address: The website does not have an exact address. But specify the address of stores located in different places.
Exchange Policy: There is no information about exchange services on the website.
Returns: Charges $10 shipping for his order.
Alexa Global Ranking: The Alexa Global Ranking for this web portal is #182289.
Disposable: Hair products, clothing, gift cards, masks, etc. cannot be returned.
Refund Time: Takes 7 days for full refund.
Requirements: There is a separate requirements page on the web portal.

Stony Clover Lane Store Recommendation:

There are no customer reviews of their products on their website. The Alexa ranking for this webpage is #182289. The site is available on social pages. But there are no reviews on social pages and mixed reviews are available on online pages. Customers need to know here – get your money back from scammers.


This portal has good experience in selling products online. At the same time, many people buy your product. This web portal has a normal trust point. According to Stoney Clover Lane Store Reviews, this website is on social media, but there are no reviews on social media and there are no mixed reviews on the online platform. Buyers should check all details on the website before purchasing anything. Consumers should also be aware of: Credit card payment methods. That’s why it looks like a legit site

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