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Cookymall Reviews {June} Is This Website Legit Or A Scam?

Cookymall Reviews

This article summarizes Cookymall facts about sports equipment websites.

Are you planning to buy Cookymall? If you are, join us on this blog.

On the internet, there are many online stores that sell various products and Cookymall is one of them. He knows about his special sports equipment such as helmets, gloves, shirts, tires and more. But the company is looking for the American market and has an international reputation. Customers can get signature clothing and many other related items in the e-store.

Keep an eye on Cookymall reviews to learn more about this site.

What is Cookymall?

Based on the first page of the website, the Cookymall store is designed to make your life easier and safer. On the web, people will find many toys like helmets, shirts, gloves and jackets etcf at the best prices.

In addition, there are many accessories such as hockey signage, small hats, ball boards and so on. If you are a football fan, you can get your favorite football signature shirt for free.

But what do you think is Cookymall Legit, or are you selling old or fake goods? Read below to understand.

What are the goals of Cookymall?

Website link – https://www.cookymall.com
Email Address: sales@cookymall.com, Information@basinling.com
Call (856) 302-6634
Address – 55 Road Ave New York, 10022
Newsletter – not included
Travel expenses – not to mention
Delivery time – within 2-5 working days
Expected return – within 30 business days
Back – not to be forgotten
Payment method – not specified
Links to social media – available
Date created – 25/08/2
If you are not happy with the setup and the website and want to know more about it, then at least read the Cookymall review.

The most important thing is to buy Cookyall

HTTPS secures the site.
There are a few ballroom things on site.
Football fans can find helmets, shirts and gloves on the website.

The website has fast delivery with a 30-day return policy.

Bad product when buying Cookymall

No user comments on the site.
Links on social media say it does not help.
There is no advertising service on the site.

Is Cookymall legal?

In this section, readers will know the true purpose of the site. Nowadays, online scams are growing all over the world, including the United States, and therefore experts recommend that you check the authenticity of the site before submitting it to your account. .

Please read this fact carefully before making a decision.

Age Website Website – Website Name was created on 25/08/2021, only available for two months.
Site Date – The domain page expires in less than a year, translated to 25/08/2022.

Social Media Icons – Social media icons on web pages do not work because they bring you back to the main page.

User Reviews – Cookymall customer reviews are not mentioned on a legitimate website.
The Alexa Ranking Database is 1,686,488.
Reliability – The website has a low security rating of only 1%.
Trust Ratings- The website has a trust rating of only 42.8 / 100.
Good content – Very bad content.
It is not good to create a website because it does not need to be detailed.
Bad offer- Now the website does not provide it and others save money on it.

What is the Cookymall Consumer Review?

According to a recent study, there are no data on consumer issues on the portal. In the same way, we do not see any problems with the internet. As a result, it seems that no consumer has shared their experience of shopping on the site.

Read here if you have any issues, you can get your money back from PayPal.

They were all bound

After examining all the limitations, we came to the conclusion that this site providing sports software seems a v be a bit more complicated because the new site was released without explanation reported by users.

Therefore, when reviewing Cookymall, we advise our readers to wait for some reliable information to be collected before ordering on this site. If you are repaying a credit card, you can use this information.

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