Outriders Classes Tier List {May 2022} Get The Details!

Outriders Class Tier List:

Are you looking for the Outriders class tier list? There is only this for you. This list contains all the classifications of possible different class structures. I’ll also explain why each design is the best and its uses. But keep in mind that this tier list also reminds me of my thoughts on the game and its mechanics. So scroll down and check out the leaderboards for all Outrider classes.

class assembly standings

Just click Ctrl + F on your desktop to browse the structure of any class. For mobile phones, click on the three dots in the upper right corner of your phone’s browser.
Then enter the name of the class you want and find it in the tier list below.
Use the arrows in the popup window provided. This will automatically move the screen to the class you are looking for.
It shows you the Outriders classes tier list leaderboard.

Cheater – Reaver S-Tier
Trickster was a middle character on his own. But with Reaver you can damage additional deflections. This allows him to take a hit even with bosses.
Disruptor – Guardian S-Level
The only reason this build isn’t top notch is because of the complexity of the build. But he’s worth committing to with his staggering offensive and defensive stats.
Destroyer – Victor Rank A
As always, upgrading and building a destroyer is very difficult. However, if you connect it to the Vanquisher, you do a lot of damage.
Cheater – Courier Level A
Combine Trickster’s abilities with Harbinger and you’re basically an undead character. This structure has the highest resistance to damage.
Tehnomancer – pestilence level B
If you like long distance fights, this build is for you. Weapon damage stats give a huge boost and allow you to sniff easily.
Tehnomancer – destruction level B
It’s not the most defensive sound, but it makes up for the lack with a power boost.
Fire Mage – Storm Top Tier
This build uses the best abilities of the Pyromancer, namely fire. The amount of damage you can take from this building is absolutely huge. It used to be pretty high, but in recent updates it’s broken.
Pyromancer – C-Tier Ash Grinder
Another build that uses the best fire-based abilities of the Pyromancer. Using Ash immobilizes enemies for a period of time, allowing you to take damage.
Devastator – level C seismic shifter
This is another difficult build in the game as it includes Devastator. The only redeeming factor is increased damage.
Rogue – Assassin Level D
Extremely secret structure. But players know that Outriders are anything but stealthy. This makes it one of the weakest structures.
Technomancer – Tech Shaman D-Tier
Another classic example of how a game can upset a building. In fact, it’s so bad now that it’s almost unplayable.
Pyromancer – Firestorm F-Rank
While this build is actually almost invincible, the game can somehow break it. The worst by miles.
That’s all you need to know about the Outrider class tier list. If you are here, you can also check out our tier list category! You can find more Outider guides in a related article!

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