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Hotkickss.RU Reviews (June 2022) Is It A Legit Website?

Hotkickss.RU Reviews

The following content provides all the necessary information about Hotkicks.RU reviews for consumers. Check and read the real information.

Do you like shoes? Probably a reason why they are not beautiful. That’s why we looked at a new website that promises to sell a variety of shoes at a nominal price.

In the United States, people are more likely to wear different types of shoes because they want to learn how to make them. Visit Hotkickss.RU for more information.

About Hotkickss.RU

hotspots. Ru is a newly launched website that sells a variety of shoes for men and women and promises to sell Nike and Adidas brands at low prices. She sells not only shoes but also sliders for everyday use.

The site sells a variety of shoes, from casual shoes to sneakers, and has brands like Air Jordan, NIKE, Adidas NMD, Gucci and more. Hotkickss focuses on selling shoes of various brands at the lowest prices.

Site Features

Domain – Age of domain 04/10/2021, less than six months.
URL- https://www.hotkickss.ru/
Availability of social media – Hotkicks.RU social media is responsible for the law
Address – not available
The contact number is +85267320055
Payment methods – VISA, PayPal, MasterCard.
Return Policy – Within seven days after receiving the product.
Reimbursement policy – Within two business days.
Email Hoticksx@gmail.com
Change policy – No change policy information provided.
Delivery Policy – Delivery is made in partnership with DHL.

Website Benefits

The website promises to sell a variety of shoes at a minimal price.
The design of the shoes is very attractive and attracts everyone’s attention.
The hair sold is from NIKE, Adidas and many other brands.

Defects based on Hotkicks.RU reviews or scams

The site looks like a scam because the trust score is only 1%.
Videos added to the site are not from this page, but from another page because the name has changed somewhat.
If the word is different from the one on the website, the email address looks suspicious.

Is Hotkickss.RU a real e-commerce site?

hotspots. RU is equipped with various shoes for customers. Even though the website lists all the factors, it looks fake. Do not create social media icons on the page, or create videos that are uploaded from page to page with the same name. To learn more about the product and to verify the authenticity of the product, you should focus on Hotkicks.RU reviews.

Domain age – Website created on 04/10/2021.
Trust Trust – Website trust is only 1%, which is very low.
Alexa Rank – There is no Alexa Rank on the website.
Copy Content – Looks like there is copy about the products sold on the site.
Policy – The company reports revenue as a policy described on its website.
Address Verification – The website does not have an address that describes its authenticity.
Social media icons – YouTube, Instagram and WhatsApp Hotkickss.RU
Owner Information-No owner information.
Dispute discounts – There are unrealistic discounts on shoes sold by the site.
Reviews – There is no online review of the site, so we have nothing to say about the legitimacy of the site.

Customer Comments

After reviewing all the information about the site, we can say that the site is fake and people should stay away from these suspicious sites. The people of the United States and the people of the world must be protected from such deception.

We performed a thorough search on this site. We are sorry. The review on Hotkickss.RU is nowhere to be found online. We also searched all the online portals mentioned on the website but we didn’t find the real thing on the website, we were so scared. Therefore, we have difficulty determining the legality of the portal. Therefore, we advise consumers to check everything they need to know about credit cards.


The above information can be found on the shoe sale website and also provides information on the good and bad websites.

To learn more about the products sold through the website and website, we encourage our readers to visit the review section of Hotkickss.RU to learn more about the authenticity of the products and to read what all you need to know for PayPal scams.

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