Art of War Legions Codes 2022 Wiki {June 2022} Explore The List!

Art of War Legions Codes 2022 Wiki

The Martial Arts Legends 2022 wiki has the latest list of OP purchase codes. Get new active codes and get some rewards

Code martial arts legions in 2020

Martial Arts Legion Cheats: Cancel Code Updates

(Regular updates on the art of war codes). Total number of debug codes: +3. Active code status: x1. Here is a list of new martial arts codes (updated June codes are shown here):

dragon505: code added on June 2, 2022: Copy this code: –
ScroogeMC: MORE AND I WORK CODE! Clear this code and get X10 coins, X2 gems and X1 objects. Last test on March 30, 2021 Copy the following code: –

Scrooge MS

Martial Arts Legion Codes – Martial Arts Legion Code 2022⇓

dragon505: code added on June 2, 2022, iOS connection;
ScroogeMC – Clear this code and get X10 coins, X2 gems, X1 objects (old, running)
The art codes of war legions are limited in time; These gift codes will expire in a few days, so you need to use them as soon as possible and claim a reward to complete the game. We provide information about new codes for this game, so we encourage you to visit this page regularly.

To avoid gift code errors, make sure you enter the payment code, including special payment numbers and uppercase and lowercase letters, as shown in the list above.

Expired codes
As we mentioned above, payment codes only work for a certain period of time. Below we have shared all the expired codes, you can remove the expired codes and see if they work for you:-

SUNISHERE – Clear this code and get the X prize (June 11, 2021, iOS link above)
Ramadan – Use This Code and Get X Rewards (Added May 13, 2021)
Mother’s Day – Clear this code and get X gems (added May 9, 2021)
MuppaMay1 – Clear this code and get X precious stones (added on May 1, 2021)
Chef’s story on Instagram. Remove this code and get X50 Precious Stones (Photo: Akshay in the comments)
April Fool’s Day: Clear this code and get X88 diamonds (added on April 1, 2021) (Expired)
April 1 iOS code link: ​​(expires)
East2r1a: Return this code and get X450 Precious Stones, 88,000 coins and X1 rounds (added on April 3, 2021) (Expired)
East2r1a iOS link: (expired)
PrankZeuz-Clear this code and get coins (added April 2021) (Expired)
PrankZeuz iOS Connect Code – (Expired)
WomenDay8-Use this code until March 9, 2021 (expires)
friends-clear this code for 200 diamonds and 50k gold (expired)
Aowgift21-Clear this code for 200 diamonds, credit: In the evening comments (expired)
Lantern21 – Clear this code and get the X400 Diamond and X1 Scroll (expired)
Xingfu888 – Remove code added on February 13, 2021 (expired)
ChuYiFebr – Remove code added on February 12, 2021 (expired)
ChuSui021 – Use code added on February 11, 2021 (expired)
OxYear021 – Delete code added on February 10, 2021 (expires)
LastCodeM-Clear x400 diamond code (expired)
2021NYBa-Clear this code for x500 diamonds (expired)
Santafmc – clean up this code for x500 diamonds (expired)
If it means a game; this gift code does not exist, it means that this code has expired or was entered incorrectly.

Pay for martial arts codes

On Android: To clear Art of War codes, you need to click on the gear icon to open the settings page in the top left corner. This page will have a paid button, where you can enter a payment code to complete the task. Access codes, as in other games, are usually gift codes. In the art of war: legions, you can win thousands of prizes using payment codes.

On iOS: Use the link we shared above to get the Art of War codes.

How to get Art of War codes?

The game’s official social media sites include new Art of War Legions codes such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit and the game’s official Discord. Generally, game developers release gift codes for special events such as Game Moments, Special Events, Collaborations, and Events.

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