Girl Alone Game Coupon Code {June 2022} Correct Solution With Meanings!

Girl Alone Game Coupon Code

Coupon code, instructions, tips, tricks and game tips for girls⇓
In this article you will learn “how to play the girl game”, “coupon codes for a girl”, a guide to progress and techniques, affinity, mood, attitude and more. So let’s not miss the Girl Alone coupon code, tutorial, tips and tricks for beginners :-

Single Games Coupon Codes for Girls

There is no game coupon code for Girl Alone in this post. We recommend following the Lonely Girl Facebook page ( to stay informed about code updates. To reset the coupon code, click on the gear/settings icon in the lower right corner -> click on the coupon code and click on the reward confirmation button. Once the developers are ready, we’ll write the code; Check out the page on FB.

The only female game director
You play a housewife in Alone Girl and fall in love with a girl. You are going to talk to a woman, give her a present, increase her friendship and take the relationship to the next level. Here are the main ones:-

(1) Interview: – You get a minimal communication effort; In the top left corner, next to the speech icon, you can see the attempts that can be made. Tap the woman to start the conversation; Make decisions that strengthen friendships.

(2): status: Press the status key to display the status of the woman at the bottom of the screen; level, intimacy, intimacy and status.

Level – Fill in the blanks, complete the quest, water the flower to win the heart and increase the boyfriend/girlfriend level. It is also about stories, meals, days, prayers and unexpected activities.
Section – Socialize more to earn more money working with a woman. It works when you work together on the story, the gift, and the woman.
Humor – Humor determines whether you can meet a woman or not. It also reduces the time it takes you to improve your speech. Theft, gifts, food and prayers are affected
Out of town together
In the game “Lonely Girl” you can go out with a girl because she is in a good mood; Please check this status for details. You can improve your mood by choosing polite conversation, solving problems in the room, giving something away, and meeting people who ask for it. It took a long time for the girl to feel better. Keep playing until you are finally in a good mood and ready to go with you.

The girl is the only city of the game

There are many buildings/facilities/shops in the city where you can enjoy the weather alone or with a woman. Any store or place in the city has many barter options – you can even work in any store; play some games. As you keep working, the store will grow and you will discover new products + working part time will bring in more money.

The women’s house
Convenience store
Theme Park – You can visit a theme park if the girl agrees to go to town together.
Give the girl a hammer and a premium ticket

You can use the hammer in the premium pack to increase the boss’s damage. You can buy premium and hammer tickets in the store. Click the + button next to each coin at the top of the screen to open the shop menu -> go to the premium tab -> here you can buy premium tickets with golden tickets, real hammer and steel hammer. jewelry.

caressing a woman

Hybrid Dog – $6,000
Cat Munchkin – 4K Coin
Shiba dog – 6,000
Tabby Cat – Rs 6,000
Samoid Dog – 7K coin
Russian Blue Dog – 7K tenge
You can buy pet food at the pet store; dog food and cat food. Feed pets to reduce spread and EXP. You can talk to the girl and free the pet – when you talk, the phone opens.

Memories from the supermarket

Manual – Section (S) and Context (M) 1 Development
Crayons – S +2, +1 M .
Toys – S +3, +1 M.
Plush bear – S +4, M +2
First aid kit – S + 5, M +2
Hand Cream – S +6, M +2
Kitchen Utensils – S + 7, M + 3

Go to town -> supermarket -> store -> gift -> there you will see a list of souvenirs and next to each item is displayed the number of social and status points of the gift item. Improve your mood and communication and go to town with a girl. You can buy furniture and accessories for girls in the store of in-game items. If you’re at home, click on the bag icon to donate food, gifts, pets and new furniture.

The girl is just game tips, tricks and tricks

Monument to create and unite the atmosphere to the girl to go to town
Work part-time in city stores to earn money; It will take a lot of money to buy and complete an application for a woman. If your storytelling business is growing slowly, move to the city and work part-time; play a little game
Research interview with a girl
Complete daily tasks and challenges to make free coins and gems
Watch video ads to double your earnings
Watch out for flaws in the room to increase the girl’s affection and raise the level
watering the flower

A guide for beginners

Rubakut: From VIP and Premium packages
Blue stones: Alumni
Coins: Work part time and take lessons
History: Slow growing; You can watch the video ad for more information on how to reduce the time you spend in the store by making a pebble or creating an environment.
Premium tickets – in store
Hammer – in the store
All this will be included in this post about Girl Alone game coupon codes, guides, tips, tricks and beginners strategies. Do you have any code or tips? Comment below.


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