Grand Hotel Mania cheats {June 2022} Correct Solution With Meanings!

Grand Hotel Mania cheats

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Grand Hotel Mania Grand Hotel Mania is published by DCGamePub Limited, best known for Evolution Games: Clicker. It offers a number of challenges that allow you to serve customers in a hotel by offering them all kinds of comforts such as rooms, food, amenities and more. …. And when you get up, it gets quite challenging. If you’re looking for tips and tricks for Grand Hotel Mania, then you’ve come to the right place. So don’t waste your time and check out Grand Hotel Mana’s tips, tricks and guides!

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This guide and informative article from Grand Hotel Mana explains how to instantly clear up situations without breaking your life / hearts, how to smile, free entry and more!

Prepare in advance for a time-consuming order

Once the situation has started, ask the waiter to be ready for the routine and it will take a long time to get ready. For example – sandwiches. At the Golden Apple Hotel, sandwiches are one of the places to find time to cook. All you can do is prepare in advance and deliver as soon as your order arrives. There is always a chance that one or two customers will make sure to order it. And instead of being ready at that point, you can prepare in advance to complete the instructions while in the green area.

Hold a hand

You can have two things at the same time. We recommend that you leave one hand empty while the other is busy holding what you think customers might order. This will help you serve the customer faster. For example: at the Golden Apple Hotel, Burger / Coffee / Cleaning Supply are the first three customer orders. Since you already know that customers will definitely order one, you can use one hand on one and leave the other without an accidental order. or suddenly.

To connect business with knowledge

You can arrange the four actions in order; the aim should be the rapid execution of orders. So you need to plan accordingly. For example, you have two customers in a row. One asked for a burger and the other asked for coffee. commands x2 – actions x4 – you can install the connection immediately; (1) the coffee gets the coffee -> (2) the coffee, the customers ‘needs -> (3) the coffee gets the coffee -> (4) the coffee gets the burger customers’ needs. Keep linking command-based actions – always try to prioritize commands that take time.

Serve multiple orders on time

With higher prices, many customers arrive at the hotel on time and also place orders at the same time. These guidelines are also difficult to complete when in the green zone. A quick fix here is to focus on multiple orders at once and execute them immediately – don’t get distracted by orders or new customers (execute old orders first).

if you stay in one position, try to use force.

hotel upgrade; household appliances, rooms and so on;

Receive free items at the Grand Hotel Mania

Diamonds: You can earn diamonds for free by watching videos (after a level you will have the opportunity at the top right of the game screen to watch diamond videos). Additionally, you can get diamonds for free from the gift boxes you earn by completing parts of the game.
Coins: Collect coins from hotels. Click on the globe button at the bottom left and you will see all the hotels. These hotels offer bus tickets
Double income – In some cases, after graduation, you get an offer to double your income by watching video ads. Earn more, save and improve

Video available at the Grand Hotel Mania

How do you get smiles? Smile when you (customers) find the right color space and provide good service (to each customer). Put them in the right places and finish their orders on time while you are in the green area. You can use the booster missile to please them in case of problems! However, these smiling rs are painful and difficult to accomplish

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