Tellcityhall Scam {Sep 2022} Check Complete Details!

Tellcityhall Scam

This article provides all the legal information about the Tellcityhall scam and information to protect yourself.

Have you participated in a survey in your city to find out more? We recently found a website in Canada that is scamming people by making fake calls and leaking their information.

We have collected all the information about Tellcityhall scams in the article below, scroll down to save yourself and your loved ones from such scams.

Tellcityhall scam

TellCityHall is a demand analysis firm based in Edmonton, Alta. Number of private and public spaces. The company has several options that have drawn public ire, including marijuana and carbon taxes.

In their analysis, they draw random numbers. The website is also ideal for governments and non-profit organizations. Citizens should be updated, especially when it comes to phone or digital questions.

Tellcityhall Scam Contact Details

Several residents have written to find the ring, and the city has since released a statement confirming the rings have no connection to Burlington. According to the household, bracelets appear at 905-234-1298.

Credentials for this site

The name of the website is People have received fake calls with this name. According to legitimate online sources, the WOT validity of the Tellcityhall scam is unknown.

All legal sources say there is currently no domain blocking status.

This site is not very searchable on the internet. Therefore, a page with a popularity index of 5,863,472 shows low traffic.

The domain creation date for this site is 12 years ago (2011-04-26). According to online research and reports, the HTTPS connection to this site is not working. This is the reason for announcing the special election. People received a comment from a citizen about it.

Why is this Tellcityhall scam so popular?

I was instructed to contact this person or another person called Tell Town Hall. According to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, it’s wise not to trust or believe search scams. Even if the ring looks like it’s from a trustworthy source, it could be a huge scam.

Important Note – All information here is taken from reliable sources on the internet.

Last word

If Tell receives a call from City Hall, please indicate that it is not from authorized City of Burlington officials or employees. People are asking for help and spreading the word to others to create awareness.

The goal of this scam is to collect personal information that will convince the public that a survey was done by the municipality to learn about the COVID-19 epidemic.

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