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Zray Paddle Board Reviews {July 2022} Is This Site Legit?

Zray Paddle Board Reviews

This blog post contains honest reviews of the Zray Paddle Board on an inflatable website.

Do you like water sports and adventures? The site is known all over the world, even in such famous countries as Canada. In addition, customers can find the best water sports products on the portal, as the site is one size fits all for boards, inflatable boats, etc. of a better quality claim. In addition, many related sites also appear on the Internet, so it is best to check the legitimacy of the site in these Zray Paddle Board reviews.

Learn more about the Zray Paddle board

According to the description on the website, Zray Paddle Board is a professional inflatable paddle board supply portal, a world famous defective water equipment and accessories.

In addition, on the website you can find some products from the entire product category, such as Zray High PSI Pump 12v, X-Rider Foldable Board with Pump Bag and Stand Board among others. In addition, all of these inflatables are suitable for families and pets. Apparently most of the rooms are sold out. Therefore, buyers should check if the Zray Paddle Board is legal.

Features of Zray paddle board

Website URL – https://www.zraypaddleboards.com.au
Physical Address – Zray Paddleboards Australia Track Imports Pty Ltd 474a Anzac Highway Camden Park SA, 5038
Estimated Shipping – Shipping within the country is free

Payment methods are American Express, MasterCard, JCB and Paypal.
Social media links – provided
Delivery time – no
Brochure – Nothing
Material return and exchange limit – return of goods within 30 days
Return policy – on certain days
Search tracking number 0404870975
Email address – trackssideimports@gmail.com
Products – Inflatable tables and accessories
Please check all available options to review before placing an order on this site. Read these Zray Paddle Board reviews for more details.

What are the benefits of shopping on this site?

The site claims global popularity.
This site offers free shipping on all domestic orders.

For any assistance and support, customers should contact their account managers.

The page has active social media links at the bottom of the last page.
The website URL is restricted by HTTPS.
On the Internet, the site’s products have received recent reviews.

What are the disadvantages of shopping on this site?

There is no approval date for site policy.
Customer reviews are not published on the official portal.
The website’s user interface is not informative.
Free shipping is not available for countries like Canada, United Kingdom, etc.

Is the Zray Paddle legal?

Of course, there are many scammers on portals that imitate the entire user interface of legitimate look-alike sites to hijack online customers. Similarly, Zray Paddle Board also seems to be a scam site, as the portal is supposed to provide real inflatable paddles, but the look and feel of the site doesn’t seem credible.

Therefore, readers are encouraged to do further research to determine the website’s validity.

Customer stories. There is no mention of customer reviews on the official website, but we have positive ratings and reviews for the Zray Paddle board on the website’s social media pages.
Domain creation date. In our current research, we found that the website does not have a domain creation date.

Trust Index Score – The site’s trust score is 50% below average.

Address validity. The website provided full details of his contact information including the physical address.
Suggested content – limited information is published on the website; so the content on the site is below average.
Domain expiration date. Unfortunately, there is no expiration date for a domain even on the Internet.
Social media icons. Some social media icons have active links to the site’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

Zray paddleboard Reviews

After evaluating all sources, it appears that there is no real answer on the site. Similarly, reviews are not made on trusted review portals such as Trustpilot. However, we received positive comments and feedback from customers on the Facebook page. This is how you can get your lost money back with PayPal?

Final Verdict

If you are a water sports enthusiast who wants to order Zray Paddle Board inflatable paddles, do a good search on the site as it looks like a suspicious portal. Plus, in our Zray Paddle Board reviews, we’ve identified the details to check before taking any action. Read here how to get your credit card charge back.

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