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Cosypairs Reviews {July 2022} Read About A Scam Site!

Cosypairs Reviews

The guide provides details on the Cosypair customer review and online store.

Fashion would not be complete without a beautiful and comfortable pair. Are you looking for the most elegant and delicious shoes? Do you want to buy trendy clothes for women? Cosypair.com is the latest store that promises to offer fashionable clothes and shoes for women.

Cosypair.com has the hottest clothes and a selection of beautiful and trendy shoes. The online store offers shoes and clothes for women of all ages, from décolleté to shoes, from sneakers to sneakers and women’s clothing.

However, customers in Canada, Australia and the United States, Australia, Canada and Australia look to Cosypair reviews to assess their legitimacy.

Is this couple kosy?

Cosypair offers an online shoe and clothing store that sells fashionable clothes and shoes for women of all ages. It claims to offer the widest selection of women’s clothing and designer shoes. The store also specializes in Valentine’s Day deals and special offers up to 20% off.

The store is simple, and all products come with a product description and size chart to make shopping easier for shoppers. However, customers are reluctant to buy from the store without reading the reviews and knowing that Cosypair is legit.

Properties Or Functions

Website – https://www.cosypair.com/
Product type – Women’s shoes and accessories
Help email help@cosypair.com help@cosypair.com
Phone number: 877-224-0946
Address: Donggeng Road, Guangdong Province, Caoling Rd 9 West Fourteen District
Postal order: PayPal and credit card payments
The duration of the domain is five months and eight days, created on September 7, 2021
Newsletter – It is not necessary to subscribe to the newsletter. Sign up for a newsletter
Shipping & Delivery The store takes 3-7 days to process your order after receiving your payment. The delivery time varies between 15 and 20 days. Regular delivery will incur a $ 8 shipping fee. The delivery time varies between 20 and 30 days depending on the delivery location.
Returns and Refunds: Customers have the right to exchange, return and refund within 30 days and guarantee all purchases subject to your Cosypair rating. Customers need to email their official ID number to call or return. Once the product has been inspected and a return request has been made, the process begins and an email is sent to the customer.
Social Media Logos – We found logos and social media like Facebook and Instagram.

Advantages of Cosypair

Many types of women’s clothing and shoes
Hot sale and special Valentine’s day sale
Discount on purchases up to 20%
Links to social media platforms are provided
There is a return and refund policy

Against Cosypair

Normal shipping price up to $ 8.
Owner information not found

Is Cozypair a legit company or a scam?

It is important to verify the authenticity of the site before purchasing as this can prevent fraud. In our analysis of Cosypair.com, we found a number of important factors to consider.

The domain is less than six months old and was opened on September 7, 2021. As of September 7, 2022, only 5 months, 8 days and a daily page had been registered.
The website credentials are only 1%, so be careful when shopping for consumers.
The site’s trust rating is 39.8% out of 100.
PageRank # 2 079 336 by Alexa.
There are some negative reviews of Cosypair online. There are various reviews on the site and they all look like positive and false reviews. Individual ratings and comments are not appropriate online.
Owner information is not available and the address provided on the website does not appear to be the same as the return address.
The existence of this website is based on various social media such as Facebook and Instagram.
Our analysis shows that the page looks very suspicious and contains a lot of warnings. Make sure you do your homework before you buy.

What do customers say?

As mentioned above, you can find most of the Cosypair reviews on their official website. Most of the reviews are positive, which makes the reviews fake.

This is on Facebook and Twitter but none of his comments or posts are posted on Facebook. We also found two of his videos that contained comments he found to be misleading and illegal.

After carefully reviewing the site, it is important that you make the purchase decision.


Cosypairs.com is a website selling women’s clothing and footwear, sneakers and cleavage. The problem is that Cosypayers analysts and other commentators say it could be a scam and it’s not real. Therefore, we advise customers to check the website carefully before purchasing to avoid fraud.

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