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Youlder Reviews {September} Is This Website Legitimate?

Youlder Reviews

Reading the information on the Yulder Reviews website helps our online shoppers confirm the authenticity of the website and make a purchasing decision.

Did you know it’s the holiday season? Excited to buy jewelry to match your outfit? Here is the website for the date. She sells a whole collection of fine jewelry.

The site operates as an online marketplace in the United States. However, check out Yulder reviews for the best jewelry at competitive prices. So in the next part we will see the pros and cons and find out the truth.

What is Youlder.com?

Youlder.com is a global online store that primarily sells eye-catching jewelry. The store claims that all jewelery is of the highest quality and designed according to the latest trends and styles. On this site, customers can view thousands of unique stylish products.

It offers gold plated necklaces as well as designer necklaces for home decoration. However, consumers want to confirm that Christmas is legitimate.

Similar features to Youlder.com-

Web address https://youlder.com/.
The building will be open until April 24, 2022.
The venue will be announced on April 24
Email address – info@youlder.com
Mobile number – not available.
Company registration number-12948235
Current address is 15th signature. Helens Place London is EC3A6DQ.
Delivery policy – 15-30 days and 7-15 days depending on the delivery method.

Shipping costs are between $6.99 and $12.99, depending on the shipping method.

Free Shipping – Free shipping on orders over $39.
Right of return – The buyer has the right to request a refund within 14 days of receiving the item.
Refund Policy – Customers will receive a refund within one week.
Social media etiquette. Yulder’s comments indicate that the website’s advertising page is not intended for social media.

Cancellation Policy: You may cancel an order within 24 hours; Otherwise, you have to pay 10% of the reservation price.

Goods cannot be returned. The final product cannot be returned or exchanged.
Payment options – PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Amex and more.

Advantages of Youlder.com-

On the site you can see a large selection of elegant and interesting gemstones.
The site considers all important actions on different pages to gain customer trust.
You can find the exact legal location by registration number.

Disadvantages of Youlder.com

The owner’s name and contact number are missing.

Is Ulder legal or not?

Fraud cases are increasing and there are many fraudulent websites running on shopping portals that are cheating many customers. Physical purchases save money and travel time, but also lead to more fraud. Therefore, it is important to consider all the details before buying.

Website lifetime: Valid 24/04/2022, domain name 1 year.
Trust Facts: The most disappointing trust level for an online store is only 2%.

Mobile number: Users cannot contact the operator because they do not have a contact number.

Official Address: According to our investigation at Yulder Reviews, we have a legal address which also includes the company registration number.
Social Media Presence: We could not find the brand’s social media page to verify on the official website.
Plagiarism: The website contains 100% plagiarism.
Ridiculous Discounts – Customers were given questionable discounts on their products.
Page Owner Name: Site owner name not specified.
Alexa Ranking – We did not find any ranking on the global platform, which indicates that it is not a very reliable portal.
Politicians. You can repeat any policy using the same page.

Yulder Reviews –

The site shares a wide collection of jewelry that matches your personality. Moreover, we have not received any feedback from customers on social platforms as it does not have an advertising page on social media and other advertising platforms.

We did not get any feedback from its users to reach another platform. So we cannot distinguish whether this website is real or fake. So we encourage our online shoppers to know everything you need to know about PayPal fraud in order to avoid the scam and learn more about it.

Summary –

In the Youlder Reviews article, we found its trust score to be poor and lacking in advertising strategy and contact details. So to learn more go here – read Kintia Necklace – how to get your credit card back if you get scammed and keep your deal.

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