Project Menacing Codes Wiki {June 2022} Correct Solution With Meanings!

Project Menacing Codes Wiki

Welcome to the list of emergency laws. This project security code wiki contains new rules and features that all players can use for great freedom.

Project threat act

Project Menacing, published by Bad Games, is a Roblox game based on Jojo’s events. Play as one of the heroes of the series, find unique situations, defeat enemies with unique and powerful abilities and move on!

In this post, we’ll share the rules for project protection. Bookmark this page and visit this page for a list of company codes.

Awesome Wiki Project Series [BTA]

NOTE – X (T NEWZE) Award Submission
20 CLICK – Get the X Code (T NEWZE)
5 KILI! – Payment bonus for X Cash
7.5KVisi !! – Payment bonus for X Cash
1 ASIASI! – Payment bonus for X Cash

Signing completed
Project threat rules only work for a certain period of time. These rules no longer apply;

Question Mark / 100,000 Views – X Put Arrow and Remedies Signs (T NEWZE)
T -Click / 1KLikes Questions – X Put Arrow and T -Clicks (T NEWZE)
Request / Release – Shoot from X Drop Arrow and Rating Rating

Project for questions about project Wiki codes

In the Questions and Answers section, we explain how to revive the rules and how to manually check the rules. The best way to check the new rules is to visit this site, as we cover the new rules. Please check this code page and check back regularly for new code updates.

How do I recover project threat rules?

That’s easy. Open the chat list because you want to enter the code there. Click / enter in the chat list. Enter the code and you will receive a reward. If the code works, you receive the reward immediately. Also, make sure the code spelling is correct, as some symbols are capitalized. If the code is not active, the game will notify you after the code is completed.

How do I get the rules about the project threat?

We want to make sure we don’t make rules that threaten the Project; When new rules come, it depends on the players. Often, new rules are introduced when a major renovation, event, festival or celebration takes place. For example, most Roblox game developers issue new rules every time they enter their interests / game stages.

For information on new codes, we recommend that you follow the official pages of the game’s social networks on Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Discord. Most Roblox game developers do Roblox Group, Discord or Twitter. You rarely see sports pages on Instagram or Facebook.


When it comes to discount marketing rules, sign up for their Discord channel.

By the way, that’s all we get from the Project Menaking wiki. We provide quick, environmentally friendly information about the rules of the Roblox game, bookmark this page and share it with your friends. As soon as a new code appears, we’ll add it to the list. You can also share tags that are not listed above, and you can share deleted tags in the comments section below.

Thank you for visiting this page.

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