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Dr Feet Shop Reviews

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Looking for a wide range of orthopedic shoes? Do you want to buy shoes specially designed for the health of your feet? Drfeetshop.com helps make life easier by offering shoes. You can find prescription and over-the-counter supplements, diabetic socks, and orthopedic shoes all over the world. Before you buy any shoes from drfeetshop.com, read the Dr Feet Shop reviews. This review will help you get to know Drfeetshop.com and its integrity.

About drfeetshop.com

Drfeetshop.com was founded in 2021 in Spring, Texas. They pioneered style, comfort and quality in orthopedic footwear. So they introduced modern technology and shoe designers to produce the best orthopedic shoes. Since its launch, Drfeetshop has developed orthopedic shoes that make sense. This special design is specially designed for living with flat feet, swelling or other foot problems that occur in everyday life. Drfeetshop aims to make life easier for people with diabetes and other foot health problems.

Dr Feet Shop is legit and let’s take a closer look at drfeetshop.com.

Technical features of the website:

Type of website: Online sales of orthopedic shoes website.
Product type: specified and unspecified footwear accessories, diabetic socks and orthopedic footwear.
Product URL: https://drfeetshop.com
Website creation date: June 21, 2021
Website validity period: June 21, 2023
Product sale price – The purchase price is in US dollars.
Support Email ID: Support@Drfeetshop.com
Contact Address: HANADI LLC-22903 Spring, jetty manor in Texas, United States of America.
For inquiries, please contact: +1 (832) 606-3376
Delivery Policy: Delivery takes 7-14 days depending on the country
Payment time: Fast delivery after delivery of the product.

Return Policy Return items within 30 days of delivery.
Return Policy 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

More reviews of dr. foot shop,

Product exchange. Accept product exchanges without consultation.
Cancellation of the product. Product cancellation has not been established.

Tracking Details: Standard tracking and USPS service available. Use the link https://tools.usps.com/go/TrackConfirmAction_input (for US) and https://global.cainiao.com/ (for other countries).

Payment method: drfeetshop.com accepts AMEX, Apple Pay, Meta Pay, Google Pay Diners Club and other secure payment cards.
Read about the pros and cons.

Positive facts

The website gives more than 6 months warranty on the product.
100% risk-free shopping with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Drfeetshop.com offers free shipping on all orders over $65.

There is a detailed description of the products on the website.
Drfeetshop.com has a secure HTTP (SSL) connection.

Cons: Does this determine if Dr Feet Shop is legit?

The site has a non-refundable delivery fee.
The site charges delivery for minimum orders under $65
Drfeetshop.com traffic is low.
The owner information of Drfeetshop.com is hidden.
No social media links found

Legality of the website.

Domain age. The site was created less than two years ago.
Follow the social media links. No social media links and followers.

trust score. Drfeetshop.com has a trust score of 17%.

Alexa rating. Global Alexa Rankings #2589458 and #2632360 . achieved
Contact Email ID Available to connect.
Customer reviews from Dr. Got a rating from a reputable service.
Contact Number: Available for contact.
Domain protection and security. Drfeetshop.com has a secure HTTPS (SSL) connection.
Invalid domain content. Some hacking information was received from reliable sources.
Information about the website owner: The owner’s name and technical data are kept.
Return Policy Drfeetshop.com accepts free returns with a free returns policy.
Privacy Policy. Drfeetshop.com has a privacy policy.
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Eher aus der Sicht des Kunden.

Drfeetshop.com ist eine Online-Shopping-Site für orthopädische Schuhe mit und ohne Sehstärke. Unsere Forschung ergab, dass Dr. Bewertungen von Foot Store und eine Sternebewertung aus verantwortungsvollen Quellen. Die Website Drfeetshop.com ist eine ein Jahr alte Website mit sehr wenig Verkehr. Auf der Website Drfeetshop.com sind auch keine Facebook-, Twitter- oder andere Social-Media-Follower zu finden. Weitere Informationen zu PayPal-Betrug finden Sie auch unter diesem Link.

Nah dran

Wir schließen daraus, dass Drfeetshop.com eine Online-Shopping-Website für orthopädische Schuhe mit und ohne Rezept ist. Diese Website enthält eine detaillierte Beschreibung des Produkts und andere Kontaktinformationen. Auf dieser Seite wurden keine Spamquellen gefunden. Diese Seite hat eine Vertrauenswürdigkeit von nur 17%. Nach den Vorschlägen von Dr. Feet Shop und Bewertungen von der Website Drfeetshop.com, vor dem Kauf sind weitere Recherchen erforderlich. Lesen Sie auch über Kreditkartenbetrug.

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