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State of Survival Code

Our 2022 rescue policy contains the latest list of valuable gifts. Find the latest gift numbers and get great prizes

Situation of Survival: Wiki Gift Codes (June 2022)

New Active and Active 2022: We immediately announce the new rules for June 2022 and provide regular updates: The following numbers show the new list of new purchase prices for wikis, biocaps and free tools (new gifts), write comments below): –

The last surviving event is the gift numbers
Codes for active survival:

SavechildrenSOS: Gift code added for June 4, 2022
May 30 Holidays: Clean X gift code (Change the language / region of the phone in Korea / South Korea, Anonymous shared this number in a comment on May 30, 2022)
sos202205 with you: X Gift Code (NY)
202205 with you: Open Reward X (NY).
ilovesos1: Free product code (credit; Anonymous / DarkRider9, accessed May 25, 2022)
Happy: Gift Code Free (Credit; Added May 18, 2022)
SOSFRIDAY13: Free Code (Credit; DWE Tiny Cop, accessed May 13, 2022)
Survival numbers are time limited; These gift codes expire in a few days, so you should return them as soon as possible and request additional rewards for the game. We are currently reviewing new game titles, so we encourage you to check this page regularly.

To prevent invalidation of the right to life prize, access the purchase number by adding special characters and capital letters (upper and lower case) in the game listed above.

Expiration date (old) survival rules ⇓

As mentioned above, live numbers can only be used for a limited time. Below we show all the expired codes, you can remove the survival numbers and see if they work for you: –

ANNIVERSARYJPN: Gift Code for Free Items (Credit; DarkoPROD974, accessed May 26, 2022)
roseday100s: Free source code (speech / region exchange in Korea / South Korea, Mariko reported these numbers in the comments on May 11, 2022)
Happy Holidays: Free Gifts (Change Language / Phone in Korea / South Korea, Mariko shared these numbers in the comments on May 11, 2022)
Nanami2022: Free Code (Credit; CB, added March 2, 2022)
treasure2022: Gift code for free items (credit; CB, added March 2, 2022)
TheRemnants: Free Code (Cop / Turkey, this code was introduced in the language on May 6, 2022)
Eidmbrks3d2022: Gift code for gifts (police report this policy in comments on May 3, 2022)
TheAdvancedGuard: The Gift Code for Free Payments (Cop shows these numbers in comments made on May 6, 2022)
2022QYSOS: Gift code for free gifts (police report this number in a message on May 5, 2022)
April 30 Holidays: Free Code (T NEWZE)
Letsdancesos: Free Gift Code (T NEWZE)
Soskaformay: The gift of free gifts (Police outline these rights in a statement on April 28, 2022)
2022HCSOS: Gift code for gifts (police report this number in a comment on May 3, 2022)
SOSEarthDay22: Free Gift Code (Updated April 23, 2022)
staysafeinsos000: Manny announced this policy on March 31, 2022
sos8888: Anonymize this number as of March 10, 2022 (limited to some users)
happy2022: Free code (credit; CB, added March 2, 2022)
Easter Eggs: Free Code (Credit; You Add It to April 16, 2022)
PetDay: Free Code (Credit; Manny, accessed April 11, 2022)
AKB48: Manny, Co Bacard presents this award on April 8th,
47Yonayozakura: Bahityar distributes this award on April 7, 2022
Happysong Crane: Free Code (Credit; Cop Bacardi, accessed April 13, 2022)
329duck: CB / Manny issued these rules on March 29, 2022
March 29 Event: In exchange for the message to Korea, DoM56 announced these rules on March 29, 2022
Driver 324: Manny reported these numbers on March 24, 2022
NanamiStatue: CB issued these rules on March 22, 2022
SaturdayPLASMA: Bodom / Dead Woman introduced these rules on March 19, 2022
317UMA: Hasan / Wiks announced this policy on March 17, 2022
ishidasyacho: Dom56 / blackorchid published this code on March 17, 2022
315pass: Dead Woman / Kartoffel / Hasan announces these rules on March 16, 2022

reviewed0303: (Credit; Comments, accessed March 5, 2022)
to 0301:.
sos119: (Credit; Anonymous, updated February 12, 2022)
210: (Credit; K3V, accessed February 10, 2022)
Network 28: (Credit; Mani, updated February 8, 2022)
224 Moonlight Mask:
Article 222:
Zoo 23 :.
sosluckydog 2022:
sosluckydog: (Credit; Anonymous, updated February 20, 2022)
loveVSzombie: (Credit; Anonymous, updated February 19, 2022)
Angelwhisper217: (Credit; Mani joined on February 17, 2022)
215haruNo1: (Credit; Bakhtiar joined February 15, 2022)
ZombieRomance: (Credit; Mani, Bakhtiar joined on February 12, 2022)
TigerFahad: (continues February 1, 2022)
Springfestivaltiger: (Credit; Kartoffel in English)
HINOMARU0127: (Credit; Now in the comments)
lunarnewyear2022s: (Credit; anonymous in comments)
mendy0125: (Credit; Manny in the comments)
20ShouGatu: (Credit; firestorm517, Earl in comments)
japancoastguard118: (Credit; Earl in English)
Keaoisjd6666: (Credit; Count in the comments)
Peace0113: (Credit; Manny, Nowonder in English)
J0ke1nthebox: (Credit; firestorm517 in the comments)
CHNEWYEAR130: (Credit; firestorm517, K3V in the comments)
S0076EA48ED2: (accessed 8 January 2022)
happynewyear2022ss: (change the language to Korean, credit; firestorm517 in the comments)
2022hapy0102: (Credit; firestorm517 in the comments)
hmoo777good666: (Credit; Kla in the comments)
Happy 2022: (Credit; firestorm517 in the comments)
ToRRLCampions2021: (Credit; Kla in the comments)
adieu2021: (Change language to Korean, credit; firestorm517 to English)
Otsukaresama1228: (Credit; firestorm517, in Nobbat’s comments)
sos119: (Credit; firestorm517 in the comments)
bestxmasgift: (Credit; Bahityar in English)
comingoon2022s: (convert to Korean, credit; firestorm517 to English)
merikuri2022: (Credit; firestorm517 in the comments)
Happy 2021: (change the language to Korean, credit; firestorm517 in the comments)
Xmaswish4u: (Credit; Cla in the comments)
TokyoTower1223: (Credit; firestorm517 in English)
Bietheskaxsos: (Credit; Flash77 in English)
Thanks Kiara: (Credit; firestorm517 in English)
aftercxma777: (Credit; firestorm517 comments)
Xword1221: (Credit; firestorm517 in the comments)
Report 1216: (Credit; firestorm517 in the comments)
Happyyearend: (Credit; firestorm517 in the comments)
Antarctica1214: (Credit; in Manny’s language)
QUEEN390ISHAWT: credit; Manny in words)
kujira1209: (Credit; Manny in the comments)
Snowfall: (Credit; anonymous in the comments)
Kobeko1207: (Credit; Manny in the comments)
Jpnspace1202: (Credit; Courtoffel in English)
December 1: (Credit; Here, Manny)
Mirin1130: (Credit; Manny in the comments)
Sosthanksar: (Credit; literal)
LongLiveDaryl: (Credit; ME in English)
Welcome2021: (Credit; Abraham in the comments)
Thanksgiving Day 2021:
Feelgoodtue: (Credit; Manny in comments on Nov 9, 2021)
We all won: (Credit; EL in English, November 5, 2021)
Lambowinner999: (Credit; EL in English, November 5, 2021)
Edinstvo2021: (Credit; Steve in his comments on November 4, 2021)
Trickortreat2021: (Credit; Ceci in the comments of October 29, 2021)
Halloween: (Credit; anonymous in comments Oct 27, 2021)
Monday 2021 Code: (Added Oct 25 2021)
Halloween 2021: (added October 23, 2021)
Mexican: (Credit; Anonymous)
Happy 365 Days (Credit; Anonymous)
Survivaldaily: (Credit; Anonymous)
akjalar: (Credit; Bakhtiar in English)
sos999: (Credit; Listed in English)
Sos119: (added August 30, 2021)
sos1234: (Code for new players only, provided by FastRanger July 15, 2021 in the comments below)
Roberto: (Credit for new players; C.thor in the comments)
Alan6666: (New Player Credit; C.thor in the comments)
fongsos: (credit to new users; Markus in the comments)
simmysos: (New Player Credit; Markus at the table)
CHANNYSOS: (Newborn credit; Markus in the comments)
Kzee: (New Player Credit; Markus in English)
Savi: (New Player Credit; Markus in the comments)
IQ300: (New Player Credit; Markus in the comments)
roughdaysos2021 (Credit; Ceci in the comments on November 1, 2021)
Hangulnal: (Credit; Anonymous)
100mxdita: (Credit; Anonymous)
gaecheonjeol: (Credit; Happy Language)
Doomsday appears to be the catalyst for a united Khundia and their subsequent emergence as a galactic power.
Download SOS100: (accessed 10 September 2021)
2s2o2sanni: Credits; nihilistic language)
Happy2AnniversarySOS: (accessed 5 September 2021)
2nd MemorialBook2021: (accessed 4 September 2021)
AirshipGuardian: (accessed 3 September 2021)
Chief Executive Officer: (continued September 2, 2021)
5DaysToAirshipDesign: (Credit; ME in English)
FrameHQSkins: (Credit; ME in English)
NewheroBecca: (Added Aug 30 2021)
CherokeeRose: (Text; with comments)
Raphael0827: (Source; I said)
Destroyer: (article; A said August 21, 2021)
Myth 13: (Source; Published Aug. 13, 2021)
kuchentvsos: Shared by FastRanger on July 15, 2021 in the comments below
Sos6666: (Text; I will comment on 7/13/2021)
gtvmediasos πŸ™ Shared by FastRanger on July 15, 2021 in the comments below)
Live πŸ™ Shared by FastRanger on July 15, 2021 in the comments below)
flyhighmeriamxirhaa: (article; ZombieState232 in comments posted July 23, 2021)
catzillas: (article; WAP with comments 7/13/2021)
Catzilla: (Source; opinion of 12.7.2021)
Live: (text; in Draude’s comment)
Wonderboy: (credit; anonymous in comments)
Unique word names:
sos8282: What’s going on?
SFA773217A67: (Reference: Jerry with comments)
S13A9A1D3804: (Reference: Jerry and Comments)
SD406B202C12: (Reference: Jerry with comments)
Oracle: (Source; Zombie State 232, Chief Interpreter, June 20, 2021)
H20Fa21ther06: (article; Nihilist said June 19, 2021)
Code Listing 123: (text; Crabby Jacobs said June 19, 2021)
thank you
has grown significantly
Budlight252: (Article; Machis statement, June 2, 2021)
20HAPPY21CHILD6REN1: (article; in the words of Bodzslaar, added 1.6.2021)
Wallwatcher: (Added on May 28, 2021, Thorr and Zombie State 232)
Beautiful view: (Torr joined this comment 5/28/2021)
Legend –
Mother of the funeral:
Thenursewilljackit: (text; conference publication 15 May 2021)
Vk80k: (Used May 13, 2021)
20Emubara2105: (Added on May 13, 2021)
Apple Pie: X.
2021SDNEMP0BED1: (Source: Tu Macho in Mind)

Frequently asked questions about safety rules

How to redeem a gift code for an AKA redemption code
The process of redeeming a gift code is very simple, just follow these instructions: –

Step 1.) Click the large avatar frame in the upper left corner.

Step 2.) Click Settings in the lower right corner of the main profile screen.

Step 3.) Click Rewards Rewards, enter your survival code and redeem free gifts. It can be used by new players if the code requires “following the interaction rules”. If he said there is a greater chance of surviving to get a higher code, it was probably a low player code. If the code is valid and active, you will see the message “Code deleted successfully, pick up gift to mailbox”.

Step 4) In the lower right corner of the game screen in the “Mail” option (head or desert) -> system -> get code -> add gift code.

How do you get a survival code?

The game’s official social media posts include survival codes for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit and the official Discord. Game developers often offer gift codes for special occasions such as game sessions, celebrity meetings, collaboration, and special events. We will update the list of gift codes and any new welcome codes as they become available. You can bookmark this page and continue searching for new survival codes.


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