Tencent Gaming Buddy Guide {June 2022} Explore The List!

Tencent Gaming Buddy Guide

Tencent Gaming Buddy is the official PUBG Mobile emulator that allows gamers to play games on PUBG Mobile PC. Read our Tencent Gaming Buddy guide and tips on how to play PUBG Mobile effectively
Good chicken eaters. In this post, we share a complete Tencent Gaming Buddy guide that explains everything. from download mode to requirements, from requirements to all game settings and control systems. Tencent Gaming Buddy was launched in 2018. can and there are still beta versions. Therefore, it can have some disadvantages. But if you have the right computer, you can enjoy your PUBG phone on your computer without any lag in extreme situations. So let’s start with the things below.

How to install Tencent Gaming Buddy to play PUBG Mobile?

There are various Android emulators on the market, but you will only get the best performance with TGB. Follow these steps to download Tencent Gaming Buddy.

Visit the official website
Click the Copy button
Install the horse on your computer
Follow the instructions on the screen
Step 1.) Visit Tencent Gaming Buddy official website;

Step 2.) Click the Download button to save the installation file. The size of the installer is about 9 MB.

Step 3.) Once downloaded, go to the folder/location/folder where you saved it. Double-click the Windows installer package to install it.

Step 4.) Then you will see Insert button game icon. Click the Install button to start downloading Tencent Gaming Buddy.

Tencent Gaming Buddy Download total size:
Does not specify total file size. But I continued to use the data. consumes up to 3 GB of data. Total Size: Less than 3GB (Approx.).


There is no detailed information on this topic on the official website. But I give you my word. Allowed on my Dell PC (8GB RAM, Direct X Edition; 12, Intel HD Graphics 630/4GB, Nvidia GEFORCE GTX 1050 Graphics/4GB, 2.8GHz processing speed, Turbo Boost up to 3.7GHz): Running with 40-60 FPS. Let me show you how to use it.

At 50-60 FPS, more than 50% of the GPUs are using 17% of the processors (2.8 GHz total). In general, a computer with a 4GB graphics card has room for about 4GB of RAM, and the processing speed should be around 1.8GHz. It may not work on dual-core computers (you can adjust it from low to high) .

Tencent Gaming BuddyFPS: How many FPS can you expect from Tencent Gaming Buddy?

This depends on your computer configuration. I usually have 50-60 FPS. How is the FPS managed? Open Tencent Gaming Buddy -> Games -> Press Menu key -> Show FPS. Once activated, your FPS will be displayed in the top left corner.


In the settings menu you can change the game’s default settings (720p, autoplay). Click Menu -> Settings -> Game Settings -> here to change the resolution from 720p to 1080p or Ultra HD 2K. You can also set the screen to HD mode automatically, smooth and balanced. If you have a cheap computer, do everything normally.

Winning Plans: Tencent’s Best Friend Plan:

Tencent Gaming Buddy Degree; Once installed, it’s time to change the mouse sensitivity. Difficult to determine or test with default settings. Tencent Gaming Buddy, please go to PUBG Mobile settings -> mood -> camera scope -> change the mood (according to your play style);

Third person – no sniper, 2x mirror, 3x mirror, 6x mirror, red dot, holographic support and shot
1 person is the same
Get started with Tencent Gaming Buddy. – Tencent Playmate:

There is no liability insurance – 42 percent.
2X, 3X, 4X, 6X, 8X – 4%:
Red dot holographic – 7%.
In fact, it depends on how you use the mouse. Increase your sensitivity by controlling the mouse precisely. How does it work? Decreased Sensitivity primarily increases concentration, and decreased Sensitivity inhibits movement.

Before you start the game with your teammates, I recommend playing the training schedule. Choose the beautiful places in the study mode and experiment with all the weapons. The only way is to choose the best settings.

Game engine settings: –

In the upper right corner of the emulator window, touch menu -> Settings -> Motor. Decide for the best performance:

Display – just X + (high stability, but high CPU consumption)
Open the installation cache
Enable screen optimization (X + only if you select OpenGL +)
Turn off Re mode or set to Ultimate (Ultimately if you have a high-end GPU)
Set memory, automatic processor
Contact it and reopen it.

identity issues

Tencent Gaming Buddy does not support access to Google Play. You need to connect to Facebook or Twitter or play as a guest. However, if you already have an account and are connected to Google Play, you will first need to link the game to Facebook or Twitter to play it on that computer using that account. It’s easy. Open your phone -> PUBG Mobile -> Settings -> Home -> Click the + icon at the top right to connect to another service from the main menu. When you are done, sign in to Tencent Gaming Buddy and sign in using Facebook or Twitter.

Keyboard Shortcuts, Tencent Game Friend: –
W – take direct action
S – Back
J – You’re gone
D – Move right
C – sit
Z – to achieve
R – reload
Look from below / bottom left – around you / eyes
hit – pocket
F – climb / drive / jump, etc.
B – change ignition mode; Automatic explosion
1 – Go to the point of the gun / Go first
2 – Switch to second weapon / location
0, 9, 8, 7 – Use of medical equipment, preservatives, bandages
4, 5, 6 – smoke, grenades
= – sprint
Right click – zoom in
Left Click – Fire
S, Electronic version
Spacebar – jump
Right-click again-Unlock / reduce target
Rotation – sprint (or)
How to change keyboard shortcuts in Tencent Gaming Buddy?
Tencent Gaming Buddy is one of the best ways to change keyboard shortcuts; Go to game settings (open TGB -Games -> PUBG Mobile Settings -> Controls -> Edit) -> Click on the keyboard icon in the side menu -> Click to change. Note that you cannot change keystrokes. Remember to press the hold key.

Tencent Game Buddy does not work?

This is normal. Because this is a public beta program, it may not work even if you have a good computer. See the “I Need Help” section below to post a comment or share your question.

How do I update my TGB?

From the My Games window (Start Emulator) click the menu (three lines next to our Minimum) -> Updates -> The game will notify you when an update is available. Click the refresh button to get started. Note: – Only Tencent Gaming Buddy will be updated, not PUBG Mobile.

Tencent Game Buddy PUBG Pocket Update 0.11.0 Zombie Mode

The latest update is one of the most popular games out now for all mobile users. If you are an emulator user, you can read the PUBG installation guide by clicking here to get this update immediately. Wait for the emulator user to pause the update. You can get it tomorrow or the next day.

The main point of this update is the event type; zombie re modimi Re re Inim you land on an Erangel card and try to survive to the end. If your group is surrounded by killer zombies, you have to face two deadly nights. They multiply in large numbers. Going to the events section (including prizes) will show you activities you can do to get a great prize. An update has also been added; Weekend, Air / Moon Theme for Sanhok – Quick Game, etc. The total size of the Android update is 1.5 GB – 2 GB (approx). On iOS, it consumes more than 2 GB.

Tencent Game Buddy PUBG Mobile 0.10.0 Updated card weekend

The Snow Card, now known as Weekend, can be downloaded from PUBG Mobile and TGB emulator. Its size is about 135 MB. Now in beta. At the time of writing this post cannot be played because the startup time is open. Many gamers have reported that the graphics are broken. But I got a lot better. In addition to the weekend map, you will also see the dead zombies and their notes on the map. Excited about the new Resid event

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