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Silky Shop Us Reviews {May} Is This A Legitimate Site Or Scam?

Silky Shop Us Reviews

This post discusses the accuracy of the Silk Store site, a summary of the site features, the realities and reviews of the Silk Store.

Are you looking for a small online store to meet your clothing needs? Ready Shop Online Harky Shop. This article explains the women’s clothing web portal at Silk Store Us Reviews.

This site is very popular in the United States and many residents are trying to find out if the store is a legitimate or fraudulent business. Keep reading to learn more about the pros and cons.

Harky Store Overview

Silky Shop is an online store that sells women’s clothing. The beach is a small shop with a limited number of products. But they say they sell the products at a reasonable price.

CupidPads – Self-adhesive pickup bra
Silky Breezy – (black and beige) Second skin – wide chest
Summer blouse for women with V stiffloral-casual collar
SnugJeans – Denim style hot sheepskin

But it’s not enough to understand Silicy Shop Us Legit. To determine if a website is legitimate, you need to consider the many features of the site and weigh the pros and cons. Problems with reality and customer feedback should also be considered before making a final decision on legitimacy.

Silk shop Features

Buy products https://silkyshop.us/
Email address: N / A
Address 595 NW Durham Ridge Dr, Lilburn, GA, Postcode 30047
There are no social media profiles on the Silky Shop website for social networking links. We do not identify any online social media accounts. This helpful information will be helpful when discussing Silky Shop Us Legit.

We do not delete owner information as owner information is not publicly available.

Online portal of transport policy setting, standard delivery time 7-15 days, processing time 2-4 days.
Explains the Privacy Policy and Terms Privacy Policy Terms.
Delivery will not receive any notice of shipping cost.

Product tracking tracks will be sent to customers.

Cancellation policy is only allowed for 6 hours.
The return date is only seven days.
Return refund takes 3-7 days.
Payx Amex, MasterCard, PayPal and Visa are accepted payment methods.

Silicon Shop evaluates us positively.

Refunds will be made within 3-7 business days from the date of receipt of returned items.
Silky Store offers all the most popular payment methods.

The average return time is seven days and six hours of rest.

Negative emphasis

Silicon Storage provides an average delivery time of 9-19 days in the United States, including processing time.
No submission price is presented for the website.

Is Silicon Shop Fraud Legal?

Domain Registration Died for Silki Shop Website The domain registration date is December 1, 2021.
Alexa Ranking: Silky Shop The Alexa ranking is currently 1693470. Alexa’s poor website is a reliable and well-defined commentary by Silky Shop Us.
Age of the site: The site is 6 months and 7 days online, so it is less than a year.
The validity domain of the website expires on December 1, 2022.
The trust page is only 1% trustworthy, which indicates that it is not trustworthy.
Place of description Information about the site of origin of the site has not been published.
Secure Silky Shop SSL certified data website.
Suspicious websites Proximity: 33/100.
Accident profile 39/100
Evaluation rating: 29/100.
Malware quality: 39/100.
Social interaction was not public participation.

Customer reviews

There are many reviews about Silky Shop Us online. However, this site has no product reviews, social media reviews, customer reviews or Alexa.

Only one review video has been found on YouTube. The video review page has been described as deceptive. Therefore, we would like to warn our readers about credit card fraud.

Final decision

After an in-depth look at the site, we found that the site’s reliability was low, there were no comments, social media was zero, and Alexa’s score was weak. So this is a fake site and you have to remove it. Remember that you have learned about PayPal fraud.

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