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Cartioza Reviews {June 2022} Is This A Legit Seller Or A Scam?

Cartioza Reviews

This article includes Cartioza reviews of the Cartioza online store to determine the legitimacy of the store.

Looking for a store to buy hardware and electronics? Want some great device suggestions? If so, Cartioza stores in the United States may be the place for you.

On this page, we discuss Cartioza Reviews to help our readers make good decisions when searching for a product site. We will also discuss whether the online shopping portal is right. So take a look at the Cartioza website and check this website to see if you can trust it.

General Cardio Information

Cartioza is a multi-product web platform. They mainly sell electronics and appliances and have a small collection of appliances. Sometimes there are markets for other high value items.

Iment Product Range
. Household appliances
Electronics and equipment
kitchen utensils
Talk about future Cartioza Legit. To evaluate the legitimacy of an online shopping site, you need to consider a number of factors, including features, tags, benefits, customer reviews, and credibility factors.

Cardio functions

Buy the product here: https://cartioza.com/
Email: +1 754 233 072
Address: 118 2nd Street, Florida, USA, 118th Street.
Owner Information: There is no ownership information in the online store.
Social Media Links: The online shopping portal has no related social media profiles. Also, after extensive research, we find no social connection with Cartizia. The lack of social profiles reflects disbelief, and Cartioza is the red flag for examining legitimacy.

Shipping Policy: The shipping policy page does not mention shipping costs, so shipping costs are not known.

Privacy Policy and Terms: Contains terms of service and privacy policy.
Delivery: Cartioza shipping policy covers 7-15 business days including shipping time.
Product Tracking: There is no order tracking policy or statement on the Site.
Measurement: N / A.
Return period: Products must be returned within 30 days.
Refund Policy: Refunds on the original payment voucher are assessed upon proof of purchase.

payment Method: The payment method shown is not specified.

Examine the positive aspects of cardio

Refunds will be made within 30 days of your purchase.
The site offers an average of between 7 and 25 working days.

Inactive periods

The Cartiosa website does not specify the payment methods they accept.
They also did not provide order tracking information.
Return dates not specified.
Tender policy is not offered.
Also, there is no notice of shipping costs on the site.

Legality of cardio

Domain creation: The Cartioza domain address was created on May 27, 2022.
Alexa Rank: The Alexa Rank in Cartioza is zero. Therefore, it is unreliable and should be considered as a negative factor in the assessment of low-grade caries.
Website: The online store is only 12 days away.
Publication Deadline: Domain expires May 27, 2023.
Credibility: The credibility of the online portal is very low, because the reliability of the site is 1%.
Country of origin: The e-commerce platform is located in the United States according to the Launch section of the site.
Data security: Yes, the main data of the site is protected by a real Https link.
Proximity to suspicious websites: 24/100.
Risk: 83/100.
Price of fish: 60/100.
Malware: 32/100.
Spam rating: 83/100.
Public Relations: Cartesians have no social order, so they have no social relations.

Customer Reviews

Cartioza reviews were found only for a few YouTube reviews and fake reviews. YouTube Review did a detailed review of the site and found it to be a scam. Avoid fraudulent credit cards.

The site only has a few user certificates. There is no Alexa ranking on the site for product reviews, customer reviews, social reviews, and this review.

Final decision

So please avoid this post as it is very new on Cartioza page. In addition, it has no social presence and no risk and high risk. Your head far away. We also recommend that you avoid PayPal scams in the future.


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