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Sharswood Plantation Miller

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Read this article to learn more about Sharswood Plantation Miller, but before that, let’s find out who Fred Miller is and how he relates to these modern events.

Who is Fred Miller and his association with Sharpswood?

Fred Miller is a 56-year-old Air Force veteran who spent his childhood in Virginia and often searched for places in Virginia for family reunions. Fred now lives in California for work and wants to buy real estate in his hometown. Later, he unknowingly bought his grandparents’ estate, “Shareswood Plantation”. Read on for more information.

What is Sharswood Plantation Miller?

The house or lot brought by Fred Miller was called Sharswood. Her daughter, Karen Dixon-Rexroth, first encountered the house while walking with her mother on a nearby road. He saw the seizure and told his brother about the property.

After her sister and cousins ​​bought the house, they wanted a big white house. Researchers have determined that the home belonged to his Civil War grandparents, Edwin Miller and Nathaniel Crenshaw Miller. The property was on 2,000 acres of farmland.

It’s 60 minutes

The Sharswood Plantation Miller story was broken by 60 Minutes. The whole thing about the ancestral property being bought without Fred’s input came to light after he talked about it on the 60 Minutes show. Fred spent his childhood in the shadow of a white house with a green roof. She and her siblings often witness about the house on the way to school.

After buying the house, the sisters interviewed Sharswood. The house was owned by Fred’s mother, Karen, who owned it, Fred’s sister, Karen, and Fred’s cousin, Dexter. Read more about Sharswood Plantation Miller on this blog.

More about Miller’s father

Sarah Miller died in 1949 aged 81 and her parents were David Miller, Scarlet and a Sharswood servant. These plants are therefore connected to the rest of the Miller family. For about $250,000, the 10.5 acres eventually became not only a gathering place for Fred’s family, but also their ancestral home. The discovery of his ancestral heritage was therefore a great surprise for him and his family.


We hope that the story of Sharswood Plantation Miller will be of great interest to readers. The whole idea of ​​the current owner buying his grandparents’ property came as a surprise to him and his family. To the dismay of the entire Miller family, the sisters announced that the rest of the world was Sharswood Farm.

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