Shaquille Robinson Video Twitter – Important Update

Shaquille Robinson Video Twitter

Shaquille Robinson video going viral?

Shaquille Robinson and his friends traveled to Mexico on October 28th. On the same day, a video of Shakeel’s friend Shaq being attacked surfaced online. Unfortunately, when he is hit, his friend laughs and screams instead of standing up and fighting. One of his friends took to Instagram and tried to fight Shakir. A similar video has gone viral on Instagram. For some reason, Shakir found it, but one of his wives posted it on the internet. The video shows Shaquille beating up a teammate.

How did Shakir die?

Upon hearing of Seckel’s death, Seckel asked his friends what had happened. Shakeel was a heavy drinker and his friends said he was drunk. However, the autopsy report confirmed that Shakeel was seriously injured. He suffered a broken leg and severe spinal injuries. He said he was beaten. But his friends did not think so. Further investigation is underway, but this could be a mistake. Police tried to gather information about Shakeel’s death but got no answer.

Do you post videos on social media?

When Shakil’s friends appeared on his Instagram, some girls attacked him. But when news of Shakeel’s death spread, Shakeel’s friends tried to delete the video and his social media accounts. But someone recorded the video and uploaded it to social media. The video went viral on Twitter. The video angered people and Shakeel’s hatred towards her husband grew day by day. Many people are praising Shakir on social media. People want justice for Shaker’s death.

How do Shaquille’s parents feel about Shaquille’s death?

Shakil’s parents are worried about this. “If the perpetrators are not punished, there will be peace,” Shakil said. Shakeel’s mother disagrees with Shakeel’s friends who tell different stories about Shakeel’s death. Shakeel’s video is currently in edit mode.

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