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Raravo Review

Is a scam?

Thousands of websites are created all over the world today, but not all of them are legitimate as many are created to attract and seduce users. Therefore, it is very important that users do thorough research before using a new website. So we have put together a few items for you to choose from.
• This website was registered on May 6, 2021 to indicate its relevance. has a trust rating of 14.6%. does not accept social media reporters.
• Raro’s comment was not found.
Customers can enjoy free shipping on the above orders.

What is

The website offers products such as personal computer power tools for home and garden use. This page was officially registered on May 6, 2021 and has passed its 18th day.

I checked Raravo’s social media presence and couldn’t find him on any account. All of this leaves us wondering: Is Rarafo legal?

Data from

• The registration date for this site is May 6, 2021.
Free shipping on orders over $69.99.
• Your order will be shipped within 12 days for him and 24 days for international shipping.
• Processing times are not listed on his website.

I’m having trouble with

• The domain is his 48 day old new one.
• Canceled orders are subject to his 20% site fee.
• I tried to find out if the site is active on social networks, but it didn’t work.
• Only 14 trust points can be earned on this page.
• No customer comments.

Rarafo said.

Because the website offers great discounts and great product prices, customers are drawn to the new registration website, check the site’s trustworthiness and place an order, losing a lot of money or losing valuable items. will be rejected.
So people know about this website through reviews and comments, but after searching this website in detail, I found no reviews to prove the authenticity of this website, but I doubt it .
The site has been running for 48 days with no reviews, but I cannot comment on the accuracy of the site. However, you can also use other options to avoid fraud.

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