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Blue Lock Raw

blue block manga update

After the success of Chapter 212 of Blue Rock Manga, people are waiting for the next chapter. Blue Rock Manga has uploaded several new chapters due to fan excitement and website traffic
In addition, information regarding future Chapter 213 action plans can be found on the website. The next lesson must wait until April 2, 2012 according to the institution’s regulations.

213 km Porta Azzurra

“Blue Block” is a Japanese manga. In the latest chapter of Blue Rock, Usagi’s God-like growth surprised anime fans. Nessie also notices the rabbit’s weakness. he was later killed in action.
The Sexy Blue Rock episode caught the attention of many anime fans. However, most of the social media accounts offer altered and fake parts. We still have some time before Chapter 213, but we won’t make you wait too long.

Volume 213 is terrible

Social media is full of spoilers, and it’s hard to tell if the spoilers are anime fans or haters. Many Blue Block fans are unable to access social media because their messages were hacked.
Also, there are no social media rules preventing you from sharing online or movie spoilers. So the public is not happy with looters and Section 213 rumors.

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