Rannita Williams Autopsy Report – Important Points

Rannita Williams Autopsy Report

Documentary by Lenita Williams

Discovery Live’s “The Last Guest” tells the true story of a woman who was shot in her home. Lenita Williams is a 27-year-old mother of three from Shreveport, Louisiana. His death was not expected, as everything happened after the break-up. She is released as is her ex-husband (Jonathan Robinson), who awaits pardon.

The documentary aims to explain the causes of the massacre and is based on interviews with former police officers and their families. Check Fake Web Ads on Facebook.

Lenita Williams Shureka

Shureka Taylor is Jonathan Robinson’s girlfriend after he broke up with Lenita Williams. Jonathan kills Lunetta and shoots at the police, injuring one person. Looks like the live broadcast helped Jonathan. However, after that no information has been given about the life of the two together.

Lena Williams Official Report

Williams was shot in the knee and upper body with an automatic rifle. He died before reaching the hospital.

lanita williams uncle
Trina Williams is Lunetta’s younger sister. He was among those who gathered at Lunita’s house when Lunita’s ex-boyfriend apologized. He remembers Lanita happy, alone.

brother of lenita williams

While Lanita Williams was staying with her brother James Williams, Jonathan came and arrested them both. However, Zjarta managed to escape and called 911.

Lenita Williams, Sean Robin
Lenita Williams has been with Jonathan Robinson for five years. She had a “close” relationship with him, but they broke up after what happened two years earlier. He fell in love with a Texas woman and left his home and family when Lunita’s brother came to help. Jonathan has worked with police officers and security forces on armed robbery, domestic violence and more. He is also accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend.


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