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Policeauctions Reviews (May-2022) Is This Offer A Scam Deal?

Policeauctions Reviews

If you are interested in bidding on this site to purchase auction products, we encourage you to read our police auction reviews first.

Have you ever heard of the Policeauctions website? If not, let’s shed some light on the matter. Policeauctions website is not like other online shopping sites. If you ever stumble upon this site, we will find that this site is different.

People in the United States search and attempt to find information on this website. Therefore, we provide you with the details through the website, especially the legitimacy checkpoints. So folks, if you have time, check out our Policeauctions Reviews.

Brief introduction to police auctions

Policeauctions is an e-commerce company founded in 1999. This website is an online auction site. If you hear the name, you can guess that they deal in auction products. As you go through the site, you will come across many products. In particular, they offer jewelry, gems, clothing, accessories, watches, cars, etc.

They offer government and non-government auctions as indicated. This website presents your company transparently and contains links to social networks. The specifications should always be checked if you want to find out if Policeauctions is legit. or the other way around.

Specifications on Policeauctions website

Domain Foundation Date: The website foundation date is 03/18/1999, which is very old.
Products Offered: Auction products such as jewelry, cars, clothes, etc.

Payment methods: Payment methods on this website are not available.

Delivery time: You have not provided your shipping information.
Contact Number: Call (714) 556-4900
Website Link: Check via https://www.policeauctions.com/.
Corporate Address: CA 92626, Costa Mesa, 3182 Pullman St.
Newsletter – The newsletter option is not available.
The email address: could not be found anywhere on the website.
Return Policy: They offered a 15-day return policy.
Refund Policy: Find out through Policeauctions Reviews that a 100% refund is guaranteed within 30 days of original purchase.

Exchange Policy: The Exchange Policy is not available on this site.
We will move on to the next discussion which is about the pros and cons of the site. So read on.

Positive aspects of Policeauction’s website

They have a strong influence on social networks.
Good deals are available for your products.
Some ratings are available.
The website is protected by the HTTPS protocol.
Same URL and same portal name.

Negative aspects of the Policeauction website

There are very few reviews.
The user interface looks a bit cluttered and doesn’t have a very precise design.

Are Police Auctions Legal? or a scam

We will discuss the parameters that reveal the legitimacy of the site. So look at the points.

Website creation date: This website was created on 03/18/1999, it is very old and can be considered as a reliable website.
Discounts – Discounts are available.
Content Quality: We found 65% plagiarism in your content about us.
Address authentication: They didn’t provide their exact address, so we can’t confirm their authenticity.
Policies – All policies are available.
Website End Date: The website will end on 03/18/2026 in 4 years time.
Owner Identity-Know via Policeauctions Reviews, the identity of the founder is provided.

Trust value: The trust value is 76%, which can be considered a good value.

Customer reviews: There are only a few customer reviews available.
Social Media: The website is active on many social media accounts.
Confidence interval: The confidence interval is 80.7%, which is a very good range.

Customer rating

Based on our research we were able to find some reviews on this website. Because reviews are considered necessary factors to judge a site’s legitimacy, we check everywhere and some reviews on Trustpilot only have a rating of 2.8 and the reviews are negative.

There are also some Policeauctions reviews on unknown sites that cannot be considered. Also, item-based review or rating is not available. Here’s one way to get your PayPal refund.


Policeauctions website sells auction products online. This website is present on Facebook with more than 1.1 million followers and on Instagram. The website is very old and gave information about its owner. But this website has very few customer reviews. then

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