Pushtimize {Update} Is This Site Legit!


In this article, we discuss Pushtimize, analyze its features and judge its legitimacy.
Want to drive more traffic to your website Want to see your revenue through push notifications?

One ad network in Vietnam and Indonesia is Pushtimize. Advertisements can be created through public pop-ups in various sections of the site. You can change your campaign settings and opt-out from Pushtimize at any time. For more information about the site and its services, read the following guidelines.

About Pushtimize Nguyenvanbao

With a team of Vietnamese people and pioneers, Pushtimize is one of the leading listed companies in Vietnam. It boasts excellent sales and social support staff in Vietnam. You can use push notifications in one step to customize your traffic. Choose the right responsive model that’s easy to set up and manage for common purposes like CPA and revenue sharing.

Is Pushtimize Genuine?

Facebook and Skype are the two social networks on which this site operates. Let’s find out the truth.

Registrant: Namecheap Co., Ltd.
Trust index. Based on popular sites, with an average trust rate of 76%, it is probably a trusted site.

Information is missing. we’ve provided almost all the information we need, including group members, addresses, email addresses, and payment options.

Data security. The HTTPS protocol is registered and appears to be secure for data exchange.
Pushtimize looks like a simple website based on all these facts.

Features of Pushtimize Nguyenvanbao

The site provides 100% Vietnamese language support for any issues. They offer weekly payouts on Fridays. The ad formats aren’t that different, but they recognize and incorporate much of the site’s theme. Also, inserting ad or promotional tags can be a bit tricky since the header requires an indentation.

When you use Pushtimize, you will see promotional images and advertisements. One of them is membership pop-ups or ads displayed directly on the website. A unique feature of Pushtimize is the ability to choose between one-time payments and lifetime income distribution. Pushtimize pays lifetime commission up to 3%. Earn 3% referral fee by referring someone from abroad.

Once your site gets a visitor within seconds, Pushtimize’s content instantly updates continuously to show you how many images you have and how much you can buy. Additionally, Pushtimize offers real-time metrics.

Notes on Nguyen Vanbao Pushtimize

We could not find any reviews on your site or external review sites. However, Pushtimize Nguyenvanbao does outsource some of its advertisers and publishing partners.


Pushtimize is the perfect ad agency if you want to get the most out of in-page push ads along with AdSense ads. In this article, we have covered the details of its services and features. Click the link for more information about Pushtimize Nguyenvanbao.

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