NEWS Evil Be Like Meme Generator {May 2022} Why Trending?

Evil Be Like Meme Generator

Do you want to create your own evil meme? Learn more about Evil Be like Meme Generator and see how you can use it.

Have you come across a meme that says something is “supposed to be bad”? Maybe with a singer or a band or something else? Do you know that this is the new meme trend called evil is?

While this trend started in September, in October 2021 this meme saw its widest spread in the United States, Poland, Italy, Spain, Mexico, and on the Internet.

Evil Be Like Meme Generator is also hot and help people to get meme template.

What is Evil Be Like?

Originally circulated through Facebook in September 2021, Evil Be Like Meme is a new type of macro image meme. However, the meme caught everyone’s attention in October 2021 when circulation skyrocketed.

First, users or meme generators inserted the image of a well-known pop culture band or musician into a template. They changed the catchphrase below to a famous phrase or line by this musician. The image of the symbol and its line are adjusted and modified to make it evil.

You can find some examples or templates at Evil Be Like Meme Generator.

Some examples of Evil Be Like Memes

  • The first meme was posted on September 12, 2021 on a Facebook page, Pains of Hell Wellness Clinic. The meme consisted of an image of Martin Luther King Jr. with the caption “Evil MLK be like/ I have a night.” The irony refers to Martin Luther King’s famous “I Have a Dream” speech.
  • There was an Adele meme that said “Evil Adele be like/Bye”. This was the opposite of her popular song Hello from her.
  • A meme was made about the great Beatles band – Evil Beatles be like: All you need is hate.
  • There was a Pitbull meme that said “Evil Pitbull be like/Mr Local”. That was the opposite of his Mr Worldwide song.

Method to Find Evil Be Like Meme Filter on Instagram

We are all aware that a new meme appearing on the Internet always attracts a lot of attention and reach on social networks. People from countries like the Philippines, France, Colombia, India, UK and all over the world that you already know are always trying to create one.

This Instagram meme filter is the newest thing available and it was added a few days ago. It is trending because people use it more and more in user stories and Instagram roles.

There are two versions of this Evil Be Like Meme filter and you can use one of them as explained here. The fastest primary method is to find it through the gallery browse feature. When it is hidden, you need to tap on the + button and start using the story camera.

Then you will find some effects and you have to swipe from left to right and here you will see the search icon. Enter “Evilbelike” here. And it should be noted that you can get it from the creator’s profile for the text version. You can read more about this here.

How to use Evil Be Like meme generator?

A meme generator allows you to add your images to a meme template and customize them to create your own meme. With a generator you get many templates of different memes. You can easily search and find the perfect one for you.

Evil Be Like Memes are trending and that is why everyone wants to create their own meme and share it on social media platforms or with their friends. You can also do this by searching for meme generators on Google.

Whether you are in the United States or another country, Evil Be Like Meme Generator will help you get creative and create your memes.

The Final Verdict

Memes are the new way to entertain on the internet. Memes are generally shared for humorous purposes and are considered part of the Internet culture.

Currently, a new meme has appeared on the internet and people are going crazy over it. Meme creators take an edited image of well-known actors or singers and use evil (opposite) versions of their famous lines.

Evil Be Like Meme Generator helps you customize and create your memes. Did you create or customize a meme? Let us know in the comments section below.

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