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David Dobrik Insider Article

Hannah immediately opened up about her depression with the vlog crew.

The video of Hanna’s alleged beating became a popular topic on Tuberg’s blog. It is 4 minutes and 20 seconds long and includes funny scenes from the popular movie about Tobrik and his friends.
According to the video seen by the insider, Jacqueline is seen at 2 minutes 13 seconds. “I invited these girls to five parties where they slept with four girls at once. So I’m looking forward to more highlights tonight.”

Hannah and her friends move into an apartment at Hollywood & Highland where Tobrik, Giggles, and the blog crew live.
He called Hannah Jugglett “baby” and asked if she wanted to be an “Instagram girl”. Jacqueline offers her $10,000 a week and fame if she accepts, but Hana refuses and Jacqueline leaves immediately.

Hana Juglide said, “The violence escalated overnight.”

After a while Kana Jagadalita came to him and asked if she could talk to him. He took her to a dark room where her friend was.
Hanna tells him that Jacqueline has left the door and wants to go to where her friend is. Hana says but Jagadi refuses to take her body and asks why he doesn’t love her and keep her with him.

Hannah’s friend tells the Jackalites that she was with a “black girl”.

Hannah admits she had too much to drink at the vlogger’s party. Sarah told Insider that she wanted to go to Ziglet’s room with Hannah Ziglet and her friend Audrey. Sarah also tells Hanna that she is drunk, but Hanna lets her in because she knows JJ.
“I remember her and Tom talking a lot,” Sarah told him over Hannah and Joglet’s drinks. “There were a lot of people there, and they obviously drank a lot, changed clothes and moved around. Sometimes they were drinking, sometimes they were trying to pass out. They were there.”

Hanna said she tried to play the video on Tobrik’s blog.

Hannah’s blog contains photos of Sarah from the episode “Three People” and what Sarah said about what happened that night. In a scene filmed during Tobrik sex, crew members Vlok Smith, Vitek, Antonian, Ernst and Calvillo tease Jacqueline’s sexuality with Hannah and Audrey.
In one scene, Vitek is standing on the sidewalk near Zigglet’s bedroom and says, “We need to come in and get the blog link.” Witek opened the door and told Dobrich that there were three men in the room. Then, when Dubrec opened the door, Antonio laughed and said, “My God!” I was happy to hear this and all four of us laughed.
Even after the vlog disappeared, Hina tried to delete it.

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“After watching people around me search online for memorable videos all night, my behavior is becoming very creepy, especially when viewing adult content,” szgliit wrote in text here. “I think I benefited from that experience.”

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