Mikey Williams Puma Deal Worth – Update

Mikey Williams Puma Deal Worth

Learn more about his 2022 contract and net worth.

Mickey Williams’ cougar affair surprised many. If you want to learn more about trading, check out the article below.

Do you know the brand Puma? He is one of the famous clothing and footwear brands. In many countries, such as the United States, brands endorse their products and have contracts with celebrities to endorse their products. maybe.
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The Cougars make a deal with Mickey.

Mickey is a five-star prospect in the 2023 basketball recruiting class. Talk to Cougar to source the product. This is because Puma is popular among young characters and is honored to sing in such a popular production in such a big project that multiple people have agreed to launch products and campaigns in the future. It is a year-long support project.

Michael Williams

Mickey is a young basketball player who plays in his league of American football. According to online sources, his income is more than his $20,000 and his net worth is his $7 million. He is very popular on his social media platforms such as his Instagram and has 3.7 million followers.

It now supports the Puma brand sunglasses for many years. Speaking of his accumulation of wealth, he currently does not own a car as he never appreciates material things. He won many games in high school tournaments.

Mickey Williams signs with the Cougars.

Mikey signed the deal on Thursday. There aren’t many details about the deal online, but this is a multi-year sponsorship deal. However, the amount of the signature was not disclosed. We will update our readers as information becomes available.

About Mickey Williams

Mickey Williams is an American high school basketball player who plays for San Isidro. He is originally from San Diego but has since moved to North Carolina. We know he is currently living in his hometown under contract with the Cougars and Mickey Williams. He was born on June 26th. He is a young basketball player who is 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighs 84 kg. Maybe he will be ready for the NBA soon.

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