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MetroOpinion Review – Legit or Scam? (Full Review + Rating)

MetroOpinion Review

MetroOpinion claims that you can easily make money online and realize the comfort of your home. So if you want to be a part of this site, read on.

Before signing up for an online gift-giving site, it’s a good idea to do some research to see what you can expect before signing up. Is the site legit or a scam?

This is important information to know. Therefore, we will contact you to change as much as possible. Yes, MetroOpinion is a legit survey site. Why do we need an investigation?

The question is: is it worth registering on this site? To answer that, we need to pay attention to several things. This review will reveal all the details about what the site has to offer. This way you can decide if MetroOpinion is right for you. Let’s get started.

What is MetroOpinion and what does it offer?

As mentioned above, Metro Opinion is a survey site that accepts paid surveys. This research site is supported by Cint AB, a leading research company whose main focus is the collection of digital information.

The fact that we offer these surveys has its pros and cons. But one of the benefits is that you can expect to get paid because you know you are backed by a legitimate company. So don’t worry about this part.

But that doesn’t mean it’s worth it. To find out, you need to know all the details about what it has to offer.
Earning opportunities: paid research
MetroOpinion only offers one type of income opportunity and that is through paid search. As a member of the research panel, you will be invited to participate in research from time to time.

You can check your email to see if you have a MetroOpinion survey invite or visit the MetroOpinion members dashboard to see all available surveys.
If you use the email line, the email you will receive will contain a link to the survey, a description of the duration of the survey and the amount to be paid to complete the consulting survey.

When you go to the members panel, you will see all the available votes in the Sounds section. Select a survey to answer.

How to pay?

Each successful survey will earn you a certain amount in your country’s currency (countries where MetroOpinion is available below). Prizes will be credited to your MetroOpinion account balance as described above.

Payment options from Metro’s opinion
MetroOpinion offers different payment methods depending on the country, but the most popular option is PayPal.
I don’t know all the payouts available yet, but as far as I’m concerned, others rely solely on refusals where you live. GCodes made PayPal available for my testing. Payment side. The only common option available in your country is PayPal.

Before you can withdraw your earnings, you must reach a payout threshold that varies based on disapproval. Usually the threshold is around $5-10 (or local currency equivalent).

How much money can you make?

MetroOpinion detects the $1 to $5 range, which I don’t think is too bad. the problem here, however, is that the site doesn’t offer much search.

Also note that you may not always receive payment for all surveys requested, as not all surveys are available for participation. Therefore, it is rather difficult to earn a steady income from this site.
You cannot control the number of survey invitations you receive. The best thing you can do is quickly fill out your profile to increase your chances of receiving invited surveys.

As you can see in the image above, there are a lot of profile questions to answer. Therefore, it takes time. Also, you won’t get paid to fill out your profile, but if you want to make money from this site, you should.

Can I use it with my phone?

Metro Avis Mobile Site
MetroOpinion is not a download able app, but you can access the website from your mobile device. All you need is a mobile search engine or web browser.

Fortunately, this site is optimized for mobile devices. You can easily navigate the site just by clicking on the link. Also, you don’t have to zoom in to read all the content. Mobile search is relatively simple.

Your site contains more than just unwanted ads. That’s why your website is easy to use.

Who can participate in Metro Opinion?

MetroOpinion is not available in all countries. If you do not live in the country where we serve, you cannot register.
As you can see from the image above, it is available in Europe, America, Asia, Australia and some African countries. Applicants simply select the country and fill in the application form.

Do you think you can help me?

If you have any questions about our business or the site in general, please visit our FAQ page. This site covers most of the basic topics you need to know.

However, if you can’t find an answer, please contact our support team. Unfortunately, they don’t have a contact form on their site, but you can send your questions to support@metropinion.com.

Overall I would say they have a decent support system that provides a channel of communication with the support team.

final decision

MetroOpinion is the official survey site where you pay to take surveys. It has great features, but it also has limitations that you don’t know about.

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