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Is BigSpot.com Review a Scam or Legit? (Learn the Unlovely Truth)

BigSpot.com Review

At first glance, Bigspot.com looks like a great website to earn extra income by participating in paid surveys.

You’ve probably seen Bigspot TV commercials that claim it’s possible.

But is Bigspot.com a scam or is it really a legitimate and easy way to get paid for your opinion?

We do not provide complete information and explain briefly that after visiting the site or viewing a TV ad, the site may not deliver what you expect.

This BigSpot.com review looks inside and shows you know what the site really has to offer.

What is BigSpot.com and what does it offer?

When you first visit BigSpot.com, you will see a very clean and comfortable page. There is a small diagram showing that you can participate, take surveys, and get paid. And then there is the registration form.

At first glance, this seems like a very simple and easy way to get paid by taking surveys. Bigspot has proven to be the best platform to run TV ads to express your opinion and get paid.
But by testing and using hundreds of paid survey sites, I’ve learned to dig deeper and deeper before I get too excited.

So I wanted to know more about what Bigspot Surveys has to offer. But BigSpot.com can’t do that.

There is very little information about what this site is and what it has to offer. You will only find the privacy policy, terms, contact form and registration form. only this. No other information is available prior to participation.

So, to really see what the site has to offer, you need to sign up. Many legitimate survey sites will often tell you things like prize types, general site information, and more. Before joining Bigspot, I was a bit skeptical.

What happens when I sign up for BigSpot.com?

Joining a paid survey site usually gives you access to a members area where you can take paid surveys (as well as earn in other ways). A new survey is available.

But that’s not what you get at Bigspot.com.

We’ve created a video below to introduce you to Bigspot. You can see for yourself what you actually get.

Note that BigSpot’s layout has changed slightly since the video was shot.
You don’t even have to choose a password, confirm membership, or enter your profile information.

What do you get after joining the company?

After registering, you will be presented with a list of survey sites that you can take part in. no longer. There is no detailed information on survey sites, reviews, and no explanation of what the various survey sites have to offer.
What does BigSpot.com get from your membership?
It might seem strange for someone to create a site like this at first, but from BigSpot.com’s point of view, it’s probably for good reason.
First, enter your email address to register. They will then use it to send you more information and try to take you back to their page to redeem offers.

However, while similar websites often use email, in my experience, BigSpot does not. I haven’t received an email directing me to your page or

trying to sign up for an offer.

Also, according to Bigspot.com’s Privacy Policy and Terms, we do not sell or share your information.

From my experience with internet marketing and survey sites, I believe there is another reason they have this site. We don’t collect & sell your information.

The reason is to become a member. Instead of selling information, your website invites people to sign up for a survey site.

how will they pay me?

At least you can get rewarded for doing research on BigSpot.

BigSpot.com does not accept payments. Looking at the website and the short description posted there, it looks like you could get paid there.
Hand. You can earn money by visiting websites that provide links, registering and searching on those sites.

But BigSpot.com itself doesn’t offer voting, does it?

But usually paid survey sites offer great rewards. There are many sites that accept cash payments via PayPal. You can get Amazon digital certificates, prepaid Visa cards, bitcoins, gift cards, and more.

So you can definitely get big prizes on survey sites but not on Bigspot.com.

Is it worth joining BigSpot.com?

I don’t understand why you should sign up for Bigspot. I’ve researched and reviewed many similar search aggregators, as these types of sites are called, and are generally of little value.

This reminds me of PanelPlace which uses the same method but at least provides useful information. I think it’s still a waste of time, but at least it provides more value to the customer (if not a lot).

There’s nothing wrong with promoting your offerings and making money. We all need to make a living, and managing and developing a website takes a lot of time and effort. It’s impossible without making money.

But my problem is this site doesn’t offer any value. In their defense, I must say that I only looked at the official research site promoted by Bigspot.com. But this is a very short list and I don’t have any other useful information.

You won’t even be able to access the members area (or list of promotional offers) after signing up and viewing the offers.

So sign up, send us an email, and we’ll give you a concise and shallow list of other search sites.

So why did you sign up? Only a few links are shown and nothing more. There is no really valid information. You can easily find it in many other places without registering.

Final Verdict: Fraud or Law?

BigSpot.com is not a scam. It’s not trying to steal your money and unfortunately it’s not like the real scam sites out there.

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