Liza Fletcher Funeral – Heiress Eliza

Liza Fletcher Funeral


Last Friday, billionaire heiress Eliza Fletcher made headlines. Serial killer Chloe Upston is trapped in a car. The police have launched an investigation. But it all ended in vain. Death His body was found next to an empty duplex.
The place stinks. Lululemon trash cans and purple shorts were also found in the bag. These shorts are from Fletcher. The police sent his body for an autopsy to determine the cause of death. The outcome of this incident is unknown.

Death of Alice Fletcher

While on the run, Alice is kidnapped by strange men. Police identified Chloe Upston as the prime suspect after matching Elijah’s shoes and DNA. The day after his abduction, his body began to decompose.
Memphis police were unable to determine the cause of death as the body began to decompose. The body was sent for autopsy. His cause of death can be revealed in the report itself. And Upston says nothing about Fletcher’s death and Elisa’s murder.

He doesn’t know

The funeral of Eliza Fletcher will be held Saturday at 10 a.m. at the Second Presbyterian Church. And all exchanges take place here. Funeral director Elizabeth has confirmed the location and time of the funeral. The mother of two children and the teacher had a day off on Saturday. Her family requested a memorial service at the Liz Welford Memorial Foundation in St. Louis. Peters. St. Mary’s Bishop School and Christ Day Methodist School. They look up to Elizabeth at school. She shared memories of Lisa.

The teacher died.

How did Elijah Fletcher die? The discovery emerged online when the police recently found her body and are waiting for autopsy results to determine the cause of death. Meanwhile, our police arrested Upston for committing a crime, and a court convicted him of murder and imposed a hefty fine. But the life of preschoolers has improved.

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