Is MindField Online Legit or Scam? (Why It Might NOT Be Worth It)

MindField Online

Find great stuff online when you first visit

But is MindField Online legal or a waste of time?

There was no estaba seguro as he decided to investigate more thoroughly when he visited the site for the first time.

In this review of the MindField line, the compartment contains all the details that are linked and used not for this reason.

Déjame decirte de inmediato que puede haber buenas razones para NO unirte, but it depends on de varias cosas.

What is MindField Online?

MindField Online is a research panel created in 2004 by the research firm McMillion Research.

At first glance, it has a hint of antique and a hint of charm.

However, we decided to investigate this aspect of the site more thoroughly.

Enter whether I want to continue bidding.

Option 1 – MindField’s online Encuesta

MindField is basically a panel of encuestas.

Recreate Algunas de las encuestas son encuestas en linea genuinas de MindField and other encuestas son de terceros and create other websites to complete encuestas.

Office una cantidad Decte de encuestas, but podido averiguar, many personas se quejan de lo difícil que es calificar para las encuestas.

If he dies, if he dies, this is a serious matter, and this is the only person who knows Menciona.

Option 2 – Grupos Focales

De vez en cuando se le puede ofrecer participant en entreviss de groupos focus como membro de MindField Online.

No straw guarantee.

Yes, if he offers you the opportunity to participate in the focus of the entrevistes de Grupos, that’s great.

In general, pagan bastante bien, y las entrevistas de Grupos focuses on también pueden ser muy divertidas.

Pero dice que no se ofrece muy a menudo en MindField, I just experienced it.

Option 3 – Invite Amigos a Ke Se Unan A Ti

Try dinero forma de ganar dinero on MindField Online: you can invite sus amigos to usted.
So it’s not sustainable, but you can still enjoy MindField Online.

Just asegúrese de que really le guste el panel en sí mismo desea invitation a otros.

No, it’s worth recommending bad service for just $1.

Option 4 – Competition

Get all the cards in MindField Online and enter the $500 monthly raffle.

También got entrada cada vez que recomienda a un amigo que se una austed y se Activa.

This is a good opportunity for free time. PERO dudo mucho que siga siendo weighs as much as described on the website, starting with MindField Online.

But it wasn’t until the 2017 finale that El Apartado de los Premis revealed its deep eventual destiny.

how do they pay you?

You have decided to join MindField Online.

De hecho, ofrece muy buenos métodos de pago.You can choose a valid payment via PayPal or get a gift card at ejemplo, Amazon, or Walmart.

El umbral de pago is only $5. que es un buen umbral bajo. sin embargo, dadas les opciones limit MindField, todavia se requiere algo de paiencia to llegar allí.

Therefore, aunque has umbral de pago bajo, no se encuentra entre los sitios de encuestas que mejor pagan.

Can I use it with my phone?

Being able to take surveys on mobile devices is a great way to earn easy spending money and share your thoughts on your schedule.

MindField Online has an app so you can take surveys right here, wherever you are.
This app is available on App Store and Google Play.

However, the reviews for this app are not very good. The negative reviews above are from Google Play.

And the overall rating is not impressive.
At the time of writing this review, it has an average rating of 1.9 on the App Store based on 23 reviews and 2.9 on Google Play based on 50 reviews.

Not a very impressive result.

Who can participate in MindField Online?

You can only participate in MindField Online if you live in the United States or Canada.

However, as of this writing, neither seem to be available.

The aforementioned giveaway is another example, and their Twitter account hasn’t posted anything since 2016.

So MindField doesn’t seem relevant anymore.

Although you can participate, there are many exciting sites in the United States and many exciting research opportunities in Canada.

So if you live in either of these two countries, there are so many great alternatives out there that I don’t think sites like MindField Online even think they’re up to date.

Can I get help?

The MindField Online website offers several contact options. You may also find phone numbers that you don’t usually see on survey websites.

Therefore, it was a pleasure to contact them and their contact details are available on their website.

I haven’t tried to contact support personally, but from someone else’s perspective, the service they provide isn’t necessarily good.

Mindfield Support Complaint

MindField online support complaint example.
In general, the media seems to respond to the various testimonials I have seen.

However, like the person in the example above, people are often dissatisfied with the response, and even when they ask for further explanation, they often complain but get no response.

It is definitely not a good sign. But regardless of the survey panel, there will always be dissatisfied users. But what makes it worse for me is that I haven’t seen a response from MindField support for any of the online complaints I found.

Some companies respond quickly to complaints and try to resolve the issues. I have never seen anything like this in MindField Online.

To my knowledge, I am not impressed with the support that the platform offers.

Final verdict: legit or scam?

MindField Online is legal and supported by various market research associations as it offers a way to get paid.

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