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Life Simulator 3 Guide

Life Simulator 3 is a Playdrop live simulator game for Android, where you can create unique characters and discover many aspects of your life. 3 social model

Playdrop Life Simulator 3 is a simple yet additional game. In sports, develop character, pursue your career, speak up, get married, have children, and protect your wealth, health, and happiness! If you’re just starting out, you’re in the right place. The Life Simulator 3 guide covers all the basics of the game. We will also share some tips, tricks, and tricks about Life Simulator 3 that will interest you. Let’s move on to the main point of no success.

Step 3 Recommendations, instructions: -.

You start the game by developing a character – when you’re young, your parents might leave you for years or months – and then you have to take care of yourself. Life Simulator 3 released two days ago – a day ago – on the right side of the game screen so you can control your lifestyle.

The first priority is part-time work and study. You must qualify for payment. There are also special classes that require registration, such as you need a driver’s license if you want to drive.

You need health, money, housing and food to survive. Simple requirements. If you have a secure or suitable job, you can form a relationship, get married, have children, and live a comfortable life. We know all the details and discover the news, tips and tricks of Life Simulator 3: –

Describe the specific job
Go to the second page of the list above – this is a job where you can do all kinds of jobs – there are hundreds of jobs in Life Simulator 3. For example, if you want 5 years of To become a director the designer, you need to be an artist yourself. And spent 2 years of product development as a construction manager.

The application requires 1 year of development. Dishwashing must be done for construction (6 months). So find a good job to get a good job. In this example you become a trainer.

Dishwasher – 6 months
System construction – 1 year
Builder – 2 years old
Vice President (Development) – 5 years
Then go for a lease.

So the first piece of advice I guess is to pick the highest level of work you want to do later in the game to gain experience. In the example above, start with dishwasher and go to Trainer -> Staff -> Manager -> Developer.

Some jobs require a certificate or certification. For example: psychology, navigation, marine life, etc. From the main menu, go to the third page -> school, where you can apply for further eligibility. For some courses, you may need to quit your current job.

Start making money fast
You want money to go to college or college – if you want to study for a career, you better have money for your important job. If the balance isn’t right, it won’t last. Start making money when you start living.

Learn how to act regularly

If you want to become a Life Simulator 3 vlogger, you need to register. Press the power button in the top right corner / menu. You can spend money on the next order. If you want to meet someone or someone to build a relationship, make sure you have a conversation.

As you use and advance in the game, you gain followers. Another way to track people is to use animals. In the pet menu, go to Store -> Pet -> then you can buy / buy pets; Rabbits, cats, dogs, chickens, geese etc. As you progress, you unlock new creatures like penguins, tigers, bears and dragons.

It costs a lot, so be careful.

learn what to do

You intervene first. Wait until you meet someone – the game is completely random if you meet someone. Go to the Relationships tab in the menu below -> where you can check the status of your relationship; alone or together.

If you meet someone and want to buy one, you need advice. First, strengthen the power of love through gifts and communication. You can control its power from the same menu. If your spouse says yes, press the wedding key to get married – you can try it for your child. Life Simulator 3

If your spouse says no, wait – talk regularly and call for weeks.

Close the house and get some food

You need the right kind of food and protection to take care of your health. Go to Shopping -> Menu -> Food. This is important when your parents send you home.

The other is for rent. Go to the menu below -> Shop you can buy or rent. If you want to buy an apartment, you have to spend a lot of money. Renting an early game would be a good option. However, in order to be approved, you must have a good rent. So start by doing something first.

Financial management

Go to Pig Bank -> in the menu above where you can check your earnings and departures. If you want to win or lose, try to reduce unnecessary costs. For example – if you have a pet, you can throw it away; shop -> pets -> pets -> pets -> adoption.

See Rehabilitation Hospital

Go to the hospital if you are in poor condition -> budget -> medical care. Go to the heart button in the menu below -> visit hospital.

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Extraordinary events include happiness, family, relationships, good and evil and so on. Maybe applying such statistics will help you improve your life. Click the Important Information button on the homepage to see statistics.

In addition to these statistics, you need to behave well – go to the gym regularly to improve your physical fitness. Enter the heart key -> scroll down -> participate in the exercises. You can cancel it at any time.

Also watch the video ad and make sure you have a special gift.

Get yourself a free booster

With Life Simulator 3, you can save time and increase your income by watching videos. Go to the main page of the menu above -> There are two applications below the taskbar; Search for ads to increase revenue or speed up the process.

Learn to be a serial entrepreneur

Requires professional training, 100,000 cash and 30 logic. Logic – Logic statistics can be created by going to the library. Go to the Store tab -> In the second section, online meetings, library membership, participating sports, school theater, music concerts and more. you can find you can find. Thank you for joining the library, which adds to your logic every month.

You can earn 100,000 money by earning money. Business Level -> Go to Training Schedule -> Master -> Business -> Registration.

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