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Is Beersme Legit {June} Is This Site Legit Or Scam?

Is Beersme Legit

My Beer Act July 20, 2021} Read the right comments here! >> By reading this post, you can easily review the great reviews from different product webmasters and dispel most of your doubts.

Are you looking for unique and beautiful wooden wedding cards? If you are someone who loves something extraordinary or is trying something new, you will love the boxes.

Beersme offers these amazing maps of the United States. But before we move on, let’s talk about Beersme, why is it and the most important Beersme Legit or not?

Is Beersme another trick?

Domain Information: – This website is only 45 days old (May 28, 2021)
Popularity of the page: – This site generates less traffic on Alexa (2,579,243).

Website Design: – The design of this website is not bad.
Brand: – Beersme
Trust: – Only 2% of this website has a trust score.
Website security: – Site security (HTTPS).
Social sites: – No social networks or accounts found.

Evaluation: – The products are deducted from the customer’s prices.

Page scan: – The Trust Pilot website does not have a Trust Pilot website.

What is Beersme.com?

Beersme is a new online store serving large boxes of wedding cards with various products in front of your door. The product is made of wood with an attractive design.

This shop allows international distribution. This website only focuses on amazing wedding invitations that customers will love.

Some of the products mentioned below: –

Deep blue wedding cards.
Deer wedding business card.
Heart shaped wedding card.
Beersme offers a wide range of beautiful wedding invitations that will satisfy your desire and entice you to purchase their product, attracting unique designs for a low price.

However, before buying from a new store, check the authenticity of the site, for example Beersme Legit or not.

Website functionality

URL – Buy great wedding cards at https://beersme.com
Email service@beersme.com.
No. and telephone – (702) 403-1514
Office address – PO Box 272, WASHBURN, Maine-04786, USA
Refund Policy – Only a 7 day refund policy applies.

Auction Policy – Don’t mention cancellation policies.

Cable Car Prices – Cable Car Prices are not available on most products.
Delivery time – Yarn delivery can take up to 7-15 business days.
International shipping: – There are international orders.
Social presence – Not available on social media sites.
Payment Options: PayPal is available to guarantee payment.

The benefits of a Beersme review

The site offers a unique design for wedding cards.
International distribution is possible.
HTTPS is open on this website.
The PayPal option is available.
Seven day daily return policy.
The price of the product is reasonable.

Disadvantages of Beersme

This site is only 45 days old.
Not at the confidence level (2%).
Product specifications are not explicitly mentioned.
The website interface is not good.
The activation policy is not mentioned.
No social accounts found
Return policy, no questions asked.
We found no social media comments for more information.

Beersme Law Customer Reviews:

After researching, we can say that this shop looks a bit dubious because the products have no customer reviews and there is very little traffic at the Alexa level. No social media accounts. Trust Pilot found no reviews for Beersme.

No advertising policies were found and the return policy is only valid for 7 days. Product specifications and images are not optimized correctly.

The website has a truly unique design product at a very attractive price. But what good is a website if it just “merges” with everything else?

Do you need to know what credit cards are and protect your important card from them? So you see it.


This website is only 45 days old with Alexa rankings. This site did not find any product or social reviews on a trusted site. Its reliability is only 2%. Policies are also not recommended. Based on the information in the SS, it looks good

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