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Humanatic Review – Worth Your Time or Not? (Full Details + Rating)

Humanatic Review

Are you see for a way to make extra money online? Then you can make a decent amount of money from sites that have lots of surveys, and you can get paid for taking part.

But if you don’t want to participate in research or microtasks, there is a site called Humanatic that offers another way to make extra money.

This site claims that you can make money just by listening to recorded calls and answering simple questions. Sounds las like a pretty easy way to make money.

But is Humanatic legit or a scam?

You should know this before you sign up so you don’t waste your time on a site you’re not actually paying for.

This Humanatic review gives you all the details so you know exactly what to expect and if it’s worth it.

What is Humanatics and what does it offer?

In short, Humatic is a website that offers a detailed analysis of the calls received from companies.

It is also called Humane Call Screening because it filters calls.

They offer this by allowing members to monitor calls from companies they work with. In return, they pay you a certain amount for verification.

And let’s be quick to clarify that Humatic is legal because you can actually make money as a member… but it’s not always worth it.

To find out, you need to take a closer look at the income opportunity and understand how much money you can make from it.

Opportunity to make money: check the phone

Humanatic offers only one way to make money. This is due to the call filtering. That means you have to listen to the call and then tag it according to the guidelines provided by Humatic.

Once you log into the site, you will immediately see all available calls (see photo below). Once the call is verified you will also see how much money you can earn.
Humatic then verifies that the call label is correct, which affects the accuracy score. The higher the accuracy score, the more calls can be screened. In order to access more calls that may be screened in the future, we need to maintain 95-100% accuracy when screening calls.

Accuracy below 80% will result in the loss of some types of calls you can see, or worse, your account will be disabled.

Therefore, being a quick proofreader won’t necessarily help you earn more, since Humatic values ​​accuracy more than speed. For this reason, every call should be checked carefully, as it really depends on the account.

You must confirm the call time. Some are very short, some a little longer. The call duration is therefore random, so there is no point in rushing when checking calls. It’s a good idea to take the time to make sure everything is done right.

how do they pay you

For each eligible call you will receive a certain amount credited to your Humatic account. Once you have won at least $10 you can request a withdrawal. This is only possible with PayPal.

This is the only payment option they offer. Therefore, if you do not have a PayPal account, we recommend that you register if you intend to become a member of this site.

Payments are processed every Thursday and must be requested before 12pm. m. Central Standard Time on Wednesday.

If a withdrawal request is made after 12:00 p.m. m. Wednesdays in Central Standard Time will not be processed until the next cooling off period. So I had to wait another week for the payment. You can only submit a claim once per payment period.

I like that they offer PayPal because I find it to be one of the most convenient payment methods available today.

how much money can you make

How much does Humanatics pay?

This is of course a very important aspect to consider before participating so that you can participate with the right expectations.

Since there is only one income opportunity, the main factors affecting how much you can earn are the availability of calls for verification and how much you are paid for each verified call.

Humanatic has what is called a rush hour where you can see a lot of calls. It’s between 7am. and 7 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (United States). So if you want to access multiple calls, you need sic

Can I use it on mobile?

human mobile version
The great thing about Humanatic is that you can also view your calls on your mobile device. So you don’t need a desktop or laptop to earn money. However, there is no mobile app that can be installed on the device.

To view calls on your mobile device, you must visit the website in your mobile web browser. Their website is optimized for mobile devices, so there should be no problem navigating the site.

It is very convenient because you can earn money without being in front of your computer. You can easily listen to calls at your leisure or anywhere.
Who can participate in Humatic?
Humatics are available worldwide. You can register as a member don’t matter where you are online. However, to sign up as a member, you need a verified PayPal account (see photo below).

humanitarian record

Before joining this website, you must ensure that you have a verified PayPal account.
You can verify your PayPal account by linking your bank account, verifying your credit or debit card details, or providing your social security number, as shown in the image above. Once done, you can start the registration process by clicking the Connect to PayPal button.

When you click on the PayPal button, you will be asked to provide personal information. Humanatic will then evaluate your profile to see if you are eligible to work on the site. I think this is going to be a bit of a problem.

As you can see, registering on the site does not guarantee that you are a member of the site.

Humatic has not yet verified his identity, specifically to determine that there is no conflict of interest. After confirming that everything is complete, the application will be approved.

It may take some day’s before we contact you. Other users even reported that it took them months to listen to Humanatic. Therefore, joining this site is very difficult and requires patience.

In theory, you can sign up from any country, but only sign up if you have a Paypal account, as PayPal is not available in all countries and is the only payment method Humnatic offers.

If you are looking for a site where you can sign up and start earning right away, we recommend you take a look at the best GPT sites.

you can get help

Humanatic has a FAQ page where you can check if you have any questions about the site. However, I don’t think their FAQ page is very helpful. There are some unreleased tracks that we think you should be aware of.

So if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, you have no choice but to ask. The problem is that I can’t contact your support team on your website.

However, there are ways to connect with human representatives. You can visit their social media pages and ask questions from the platform.

humanitarian complaint

Their social media pages have a lot of complaints about how support is handled.
However, as you can see from the photo above, most of the complaints about the Humatic are actually about how the support is handled.

If you check the reviews on Facebook, most of the people complain that they can’t get help from the support team.

This is a big no-no for me. In my opinion, supporting members should always be a priority, and Humatic doesn’t seem to put much effort into managing support.

In general, I think they are not providing good support to their members.

The lack of an accessible contact form on your website is already a red flag. Also, the complaints on their social media pages only make things worse.

final verdict

Humanatic is a website that offers to pay for call screening. It offers great features, but it also has some drawbacks that you should be aware of.

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