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Foolax Reviews {June 2022} Find If The Site Legit Or Not

Foolax Reviews

This article will help confirm the legitimacy of the site of Folax Reviews, especially for online exchanges.

Are you looking for a store that has quality products but high quality? Yes! But you can not find such a store, right? If you answered yes, we would like to introduce you to an article on Folax Review that will provide you with valuable details about an online store based and operating in the United States that claims to meet all your needs.

If you are thinking of the above phrase, you should be interested in verifying the authenticity of the sale. So let’s take a look.

silly background:

Folax is an e-commerce platform that sells a wide range of women’s clothing of the desired quality. Many types of clothing areas:

MAXI (thin dress with closed neckline).
MIDI (triangle neck).
All the mentioned products are attractive and of high quality. Therefore, the question “Is Folax Legit” valid because a good website interface is very attractive, but before we conclude, we need to consider other ideas as well. So let’s move on to defining the site.


Domain year: – Created on September 28, 2021; about a month and a half.
URL: – https://www.leave.com
Category: Purchase of clothing.
email: support@foolax.com; By JakeFalsonkz63@gmail.com.
Phone: +1 (845) 475-8507.
Address: – 134 Woodruff Ave APT 4, Brooklyn, NY 11226, USA.
Payment options: -Paypal (recommended), Visa, JCB and AmEx just to name a few.
Return Policy: The product cannot be used and returned in the original packaging, which is a condition of the return.
Refund Policy: Upon receipt of the returned product, a refund will be issued within 30 days.
Total delivery time for Foolax Review: 10-15 days in USA.
Shipping Policy: – Free shipping on purchases over $ 50 and $ 9.95 on purchases under $ 50.


Easy to use user interface.
There are reliable and good payment options.
The address and contact details are clearly indicated.
The price is reasonable and there are no discounts.


This store is new, only two months old, on the market.
According to our sources, SSL certificates are not eligible for the public domain.
The Alexa ranking on this site is really bad.
The reliability value of the measurement is zero.
There is no good idea about consumers on the internet.
No presence on social media platforms.

Is Foolax legal?

With the vast amount of digital resources available today, just looking at a website user’s image and high quality product images can not tell us the true purpose behind the creation of the website. Thus, in order to verify the legitimacy of a purchase transaction, especially in an online store, consumers need to look at all the legal points and weigh them in the best sense. Some facts about the site are:

This store was established on September 28, 2021, about two months ago.
The Alexa rating on this site is around 82 lakh +.
According to our sources, the number of credentials on this site is almost zero.
Our research on Folax Reviews revealed no social media presence.
No customer feedback at all.
The address is nowhere mentioned on the website.
We can not say whether the figures given are true or not.
There are no great ideas or links on social media.
This page may be dubious and false because we have not found a strong legal opinion.

Customer Support:

For clothing stores, especially online stores, the ideal idea for consumers is revenue that cannot be earned through financial transactions, even if it increases revenue. Just as word of mouth works in the physical space, feedback or positive feedback works according to the same principles, but stronger in the digital space.

But at Foolax Reviews, we found no such idea that would help strengthen the credibility of Foolax com as it deserves with its list of high quality products, good customer interface and other excellent features. In order for customers to make a good profit after buying online, they need to research and search for a specific website using the free online resources available.

If you have ever seen someone caught in financial fraud and want to avoid payment fraud, please read the following data.

Last Thoughts:

In conclusion, Foolax has very few plus points and they are more than just looks. But even more troubling is the negative in Foolax Reviews, which smart customers can’t afford at any cost.

If reviewing this site helps you in any way, please express your feelings or suggestions in the comments.

And if you want to avoid credit card fraud, please read the following facts.

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