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FaucetPay Review – Worth Joining? (Full Review + Rating)

FaucetPay Review

Some sites claim that if you want to get free cryptocurrency, you can get it by completing simple tasks. This is called tap payment.

But is FaucetPay legit and worth following, or is it a scam to be avoided?
You can look inside yourself, learn everything, know exactly what to expect and whether it’s really worth it.

What is FawcettPay?

FaucetPay is basically a micro wallet and also has Get-Paid-To (GPT) feature which makes it its own site. However, in this review we will look at the GPT aspect of the site. In terms of legitimacy, FaucetPay is definitely a legitimate site. Because you complete simple tasks and get rewards.

Now, to fully understand how this site works, we need to take a closer look at the earning opportunities it offers.

Option 1 – Paid Surveys

Once you become a FaucetPay member, the first income opportunity you use is paid surveys. The reason I say this is because this is the first opportunity you can access because you need to unlock other income opportunities .

However, please note that the paid surveys listed here are from one of our partner sites (Timebucks). The actual share of paid surveys should be unlocked just like any other income opportunity.
To access Timebucks paid surveys, simply visit the site and click on the Get option in the menu. Then click on Offer Wall. In the Offerwall section, you need to click on Timebucks. Then you will look something like the picture above.

Select the quiz you want to answer and click the “Answer” button. A new browser tab will open and you will need to set up your profile first. Answer all questions on the profile as honestly as possible. Upon completion, you will be notified when the survey is available.

Option 2 – Daily Login Bonus

You can get login bonus once a day. When you log into the site for the first time that day, you’ll immediately see something like the image below.
On the first day, the daily login bonus will be set to 1 point. Slowly add more while keeping the site smooth. The maximum number of Reward Points you can earn is 100 Reward Points.

For example, let’s say you logged into the site for 15 consecutive days and the last bonus you received was 15 reward points. If you exceed the maximum score, you will not be able to access the park from the next day. The daily login bonus will be reset to 1 point the next time you log in.

Option 3 – Wall Quotes

This is another income opportunity that needs to be unlocked. Only if you make a large number of contactless payments every month (usually 5-7 contactless payments) will you have access to the transaction table. So how do you get paid for every hit?
First, sign up for a website or app that offers rewards in the form of Satoshi (the smallest unit of bitcoin). This means that you should look for other GPT sites and apps that deliver Satoshi as a payment via faucet.

Next, you need to link this tap with your FaucetPay account (see picture above). Once you’re logged in, you’ll be rewarded for performing activities provided by these other sites and apps. It’s a bit awkward setup as it has to work with other sites and apps.

But if you want to unlock Post Wall, you have to meet these requirements. In case you are not familiar with Wall Deals, it is basically an on-site advertising platform/app designed to promote your website or mobile app.
During testing, FaucetPay had 8 auction walls, fewer than other GPT sites. So you have less to offer and less work to do to make money. This is one of the negative points of this site. However, you can work on other opportunities and earn more.

Option 4 – FEY Bet

Talking about other opportunities, you can also earn money by participating in FEY betting. This is especially popular if you have been working with cryptocurrencies for a long time. However, if you are hearing the word “gambling” for the first time, it is one of the earning opportunities where you can earn cryptocurrency by depositing a certain amount over a certain period of time.
FaucetPay has a betting block period of 70 days and consists of a token called FEY (or Feyorra). So how do we get these tokens? Yes, you can use any cryptocurrency to trade these tokens. And the good thing is that you can do this with FaucetPay as there are merchant platforms you can use.

For example, you can convert bitcoins to FEY tokens. This is how members usually proceed when they wish to place a bet. After converting bitcoin to FEY token, simply select the type of bet you wish to participate in.

We recommend you indulge in betting almost exclusively so that you do not have to wait long to start betting. After launch, you have to wait for 70 days to get the rewards. It’s like putting money in the bank and waiting for the interest to be credited to your account.
Please note that the staked FEY tokens cannot be withdrawn until the betting time has expired. Before you decide to participate in this opportunity and earn money, we suggest that you first read What is Cryptocurrency Betting?

Option 5 – Double BTC Spin

This is the part where you can increase your income. However, it also carries risks.
All the games are very simple and easy to play and the instructions given on the website are easy to follow. Choose a bet and play.
The more money you bet, the better your chances of winning, but of course the higher the risk.
Therefore, it is not a good option for everyone, only if you love to gamble, but keep in mind that winnings can quickly disappear if you are unlucky.

Option 6 – Referral Program

Lastly, you can earn additional rewards by joining our referral program. For those who do not know what a referral program is, this is an opportunity to earn money by inviting people to your site.
Simply share the invite link with the people you want to invite. When they use your link to sign up for FaucetPay, they become your referrers.

However, in order to earn money through the referral program, the referrer must be an active member of the site. This means that you should take advantage of all the earning opportunities that FaucetPay has to offer. For example, when you complete a paid auction on an auction site, you can earn a 25% commission. It is guaranteed by FaucetPay.

How do they pay me?

FaucetPay only pays in crypto currency, so a crypto wallet is required to participate in FaucetPay. We do not offer cash prizes.

Rewards earned by FaucetPay are automatically converted into bitcoin. Therefore, the base currency used is bitcoin. It is up to you to convert it to any other cryptocurrency (through the trading platform you can convert bitcoin to different cryptocurrencies).
You have two options to withdraw your winnings. You can choose a regular withdrawal, which usually takes about 4 hours to process, or an accelerated withdrawal, which usually takes 5 minutes to process.

To withdraw, enter your crypto wallet address. FaucetPay will then be able to process your request.

The payment system is relatively simple, but you should know the ins and outs of cryptocurrency management so as not to get confused when you have to withdraw your winnings.

How much money can you earn?

The amount you can earn with FaucetPay depends on your activity on the site and the payment method used on the site. In my opinion, this is the weakness of FaucetPay.

The income opportunities offered by him did not work. For example, the surveys you can do usually offer a maximum of 10-80 USDP. For example, 400 USDP is equal to $1, which is between $0.025 and $0.20 in cash.

relatively low wages. Also note that not all surveys you take will always make money, as you have to qualify to get paid. Their paid plans almost always offer lower rewards.

Can I use it with my phone?

FaucetPay does not have a downloadable mobile application, so you can easily process transactions from your mobile device. However, you can access the site from your mobile device using a mobile web browser.

Their site is mobile-friendly, so you can easily browse and read all of their content.

Who can participate in FaucetPay?

FaucetPay is available worldwide. Therefore, wherever you live, you can register as a member. You must be at least eighteen years age to participate.
During your first login, you will be asked to enter a two-factor authentication code. Then go back to your email and find the code in your inbox. They will send it soon. Simply enter the code to access the Members Panel.

It is up to you to use or disable the two-factor authentication mode. To disable the two-factor authentication mode, simply go to your account settings.

Can you help me

If you have any questions about the website and your account, please visit our FAQ page first. This page contains most of the important things you need to know about your site. However, if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, you can submit a support ticket. Help tickets can also be viewed from the FAQ page.

However, if your question pertains to one of our offer boards, you should use the Contact Support option on that offer board. Since this transaction table has its own support team, FaucetPay does not answer questions about the transaction table.

final decision

FaucetPay is an official GPT site with some unique features, but it also has some drawbacks to keep in mind.

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