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Duckmass Reviews (September) Read The Details Here!

Duckmass Reviews

This guide provides detailed information about the Duckmass online store and reviews to help customers understand their rights.

Looking for the latest and greatest patio and garden furniture? Looking for great deals on outdoor gear and travel? The store offers a wide selection of children’s bags, luggage bags, outdoor furniture and patio hammocks.

The store has a wide selection of modern home accessories and a variety of bags to make your trip easier. However, consumers around the world are still looking for online solutions. So keep reading the Duckmass review below to make the right decision.

What is the mass of the other?

Duckmass is an online store that offers a wide range of new and innovative products, including garden furniture, chairs, garden chairs, functional children’s bags and beanbags. The store promises to offer original products, where consumers from all over the world can find the best products and the cheapest prices in a wide range.

Online stores attract customers with attractive deals and offers, including buy-one-get-one. There are a limited number of items in the store and all of these items are heavily discounted. However, it is important to check the validity and find out if Duckmass is legit or a scam before buying from the store.

The Definition

URL – https://duckmass.com/
Products – Outdoor gear, bags and luggage accessories
Types of payment – credit and debit cards
Email ID – zgofficialcustomerservice@gmail.com
Phone number – 442086385417
Address – 372 Southampton Row, Greater London, WC 1B SHJ, United Kingdom
Email Newsletter – Subscriptions available
Application form – July 11, 2022, 1 month and 28 days ago
Shipping Policy – The store offers free shipping on all orders over $96.99. The processing time is 72 hours, and delivery takes 3-10 working days. USPS, DHL, FedEx and China Post provide shipping and delivery services.

Returns and Returns – According to Duckmass Reviews, the store accepts returns by mail within 14 days of shipment. Customers must return unused and damaged items in their original packaging to qualify for a refund. Refunds are processed within 1-3 business days.
Social media – The shop does not have social media.

The best of Duckmass

Car trunks and lots of suitcases
Living room sofa, armchair and chair
Wide hammock for the terrace
Hot sales and discounts
Returns and returns are available

Cons of Duckmass

Important information is missing, such as the owner’s name
Simple website design with minimal information
It doesn’t work on social media

Is Duck Mass legit or a scam?

All online buyers must verify the authenticity of the store before making a purchase. It is always protected and protects us from the risk of online fraud. So check the points below to find out whether Duckmass is legit or a scam.

The shop registered the domain 1 month ago, 28 days ago, on July 11, 2022.
The domain name is registered for one year only and has an expiry date of 11 July 2023.

The site has a low trust score of 2% and a trust score of 0.9%. It is important to check the store before buying because of bad and bad reviews.

The site has not received any reviews or testimonials from Duckmass customers. There are no comments and reviews on the Internet.
The shop is not active on social media and has no logo or link on the website.
The page already shows a suspicious phone number and address.

Discounts and offers on the site seem almost impossible.
The information seems unreliable and for all these reasons it looks like a scam. Stores cannot be trusted to buy online without proper analysis and research.

Customer Reviews!

The site does not have a customer reviews section; that’s why you won’t find Duckmass Reviews on their official website. After checking, I didn’t find any reviews or references online. The site is still too small and cannot attract customers.

Also, the site does not work on social networks, so we did not receive comments and feedback from Internet users. Therefore, it is recommended to check and review the website before making a purchase to avoid online fraud. Consumers should also read our guide on how to protect your money from credit card fraud.


Duckmass.com is an online retailer that claims to offer an innovative, multi-functional suitcase, garden furniture and a relaxing sofa. However, the site is too young; which is why I couldn’t find Duckmass reviews on the internet. The site appears to be a likely scam. Customers should also familiarize themselves with an important trick to prevent PayPal fraud.

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