Sld Opportunity Scam {Sep 2022} Know The Entire Info!

Sld Opportunity Scam

Today’s post on Sld Opportunity Scam introduced our readers to the scam trend going on these days.

Have you heard of the new scams that are in vogue these days? If not, don’t worry. Today we will try to provide as much information about this scam as possible. This scam is making its rounds in America and some people have fallen for it.

Today, in this article on Sld Opportunity Scam, we will provide information about a popular scam. Read the full article to learn more about this scam.

It’s all about cheating.

Potential victims receive text messages that are part of the “SLD Opportunity” scam. The scammers’ goal is to convince potential victims that they have received a job offer so that the recipient can call them at the number provided in the fake SMS or through the Zoom link. The fraudulent post also suggests that Rosa@SLB has questions about candidates’ resumes.

Sld luck cheating

In this scam, the potential victim receives a text message from the scammer stating that he or she has been granted permission to participate in the company’s follow-up SLD, accompanied by an interview during ABC on XYZ day. (They also give Zoom’s age or contact number in the text) Or the text could be: Hello I’m Rosa@SLD; We have some questions about your resume. Then we can set up an online chat where they indicate their contact number in the text.

If you or your loved ones have experienced Sld Opportunity scams before, or not, keep the future in mind and inform your loved ones to avoid falling into this trap. Tell them about this scam and feel free to share this article for your own use.

People who have received such books.

Some people who received such messages and called their listed numbers told us that the scammers set up a Zoom phone after talking to them on the phone, starting with the occasional company video and to call their CEO, and leave his “busy” one. » Graphics That’s it . It took a while to do this interview in person. In this Sld opportunity scam they also do a one to one interview where they mention the paid course that the candidate has to take to join the company.

People in a stronger state of mind may refrain from handing out money, but those who sincerely need work and money may fall into the trap.


In today’s post we have tried to inform our readers about the fake trend that is happening. We warned our readers not to fall into this trap. Follow this link to learn more about this scam.

Do you like this information? We have provided quite a lot of information about Sld Opportunity Scam to prevent our viewers from falling into this trap.

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