Corpse Husband Face Reveal (May) All Details!

Corpse Husband Face Reveal

Corpse Husband is a YouTuber and musician with a huge following. Despite the enormous fame, few people have seen Corpse Husband. In fact, rumors about her face reveal last year caused quite a stir. It’s totally understandable why internet celebrities want to remain anonymous. With their popularity, streamers also attract bad guys who might want to harm them. Indeed, this is one of the corpse husband’s greatest fears, which is why he chose not to show his face. Her streamer colleague and friend Valkyrae commented on the situation on her stream.

Valkyrae weighs in on the revealing corpse husband’s face

Valkyrae starred in the music video for DAYWALKER! like a corpse She is one of the few people that Corpse Husband is friends with in real life. The Youtuber is not ashamed of his fear of his identity being revealed. He has spoken about this topic several times in his streams. In fact, he’s been a lot less regular with his show after rumors about the face were revealed last year.

Valkyrae gets a sense of the fears and apprehensions the Corpse Husband has when people find out who he is in real life. The YouTuber goes to great lengths to keep his personal life private. This is not an entirely unrealistic fear. Popular Twitch streamers like Pokimane and Nico have been stalked by obsessive fans.

In fact, Valkyrae herself has been the target of online bullying on multiple occasions. She has made her Twitter account private after a fan harassed her despite multiple bans. Toxic fans are nothing new for streamers and Corpse Husband understandably wants to avoid that.

Valkyrae opened up about the situation when she explained why she agreed to appear on DAYWALKER! She said, “Corpse is really scared and scared of the public.” The broadcaster added that it was one of the reasons she decided to direct the music video. “I can’t imagine being in his position,” Valkyrae added. Additionally, he went on to explain that Corpse’s anxiety is on “a whole different level,” something other people “will never experience.”

It’s no surprise that the Corpse Husband isn’t comfortable around public gatherings. His song “Agoraphobic” actually covers these topics in detail. Dealing with last year’s face-unveiling fiasco can’t have been easy for someone so scared. Something that started small actually exploded into a conversation about the toxicity of the internet. Perhaps fan reactions to the false revelation reinforced Corpse Husband’s determination to keep his identity a secret.

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