Eternal Return Black Survival {May} Exciting Game Details!

Eternal Return Black Survival

Eternal Return: Black Survival is a unique game developed by combining three genres: MOBA, Battle Royale and Survival. To win the game you must not only use the right strategy, but also make a wise decision when choosing a character from the huge list. With this in mind, here is the updated and manually selected ranking for Eternal Return: Black Survival.

Eternal Return: Black Survival Leaderboard – May 2022

Adda’s Eternal Return Play Ranking is divided into six rows. Each character was assigned a level based on their individual payout rate and weapons. In this way, you can easily make the right decision and strategically take over the island of Lumia and demonstrate your strength, skill and knowledge. It also increases your chances of winning.
Level S
Eternal Return: Black Survival Ranking S is worth the effort. They have the highest payout rate in the game and the deadliest weapons. These characters will definitely help you get into the game much faster.

Character weapon gain rate

Fiora Rapier 9.30%
Aya Assault Rifle 8.77%
Luke hits 7.60%
Jackie Double Sword 7.55%
A level
Level A grades are not as good as Level S grades, but they are also quite valuable and strong. These notes should be your next priority.

Character weapon gain rate

Zahir launch 7.20%
Isol Assault Rifle 7.00%
Nadine Crossbow 6.70%
Xiukai Spear 6.50%
Cathy Dagger 6.20%
level b
Class B characters are average and feasible. They are not total waste and offer a certain value. You can’t go wrong with them either.

Character weapon gain rate

Yuki two-handed sword 5.66%
Strong guitar 5.50%
Adela Stoque 5.00%
Adriana cold 5.00%
Chiara Griber 5.00%
Rozzi Gun 4.70%
Level C
Select C-level characters only when necessary and in extreme cases. They have low payout rates, which means that the chances of winning the game are quite low.

Character weapon gain rate

Hyun Woo Tonfa 4.40%
Sniper Bernice 4.30%
Li Dailin Glove 4.10%
Magnus Bat 4.10%
Emma Shuriken 3.80%
Hyejin Shuriken 3.70%
Level D
AVOID! List D is useless. Never be tempted to choose them unless it is difficult for you to win the game. Neglect them to avoid failure.

Character weapon gain rate

Launch Sissela 3.30%
Shoichi Dagger 3.20%
Silvia Gun 3.10%
Lenox Whip 2.90%
Level F
USELESS!!!! No need to comment on Barbara.

Character weapon gain rate

Barbara – –

This is the Eternal Return: Black Survival for 2022 level list. Make sure you come back here often, because the list of winnings is always changing.

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